On May 3, 2008, the retarded boys of The Man Blog finally held its highly-anticipated concert, the first-ever Banana Gangbang Rock Festival at Bela Bar in Greenhills. Featuring bands from the members of TMB, it was an awesome night full of face-melting rock and golden beer. Lots of it.

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Lauren Dado
‘s band was first to perform. They played all-original songs and their punk-influenced music started off the concert pretty well and had the audience screaming for more. My favorite performance of theirs would be their first song Here We Are.


Mannequin is the only non-TMB band to perform, and I sure am glad that their manager Jhay Rocas recommended these guys to me. Now they came as a surprise. When they arrived they were these bunch of timid kids who were very, very polite. They were also very nervous, because this was their first gig outside of their school. I never expected them to go up the stage reeking of awesome, growling away like crazy, playing hardcore versions of Freddie Aguilar songs, and actually making it work. Imagine: Anak played hardcore. Think about that for a moment and imagine how hard that is. Now orgasm. I’d love to see them in future gigs playing more originals.

Marco Palinar of Sanity Kit

Sanity Kit was supposed to play, but they had last-minute trouble with their vocalist and had to back out (which made me sad, because I found some of their mp3s online and I wanted to see them live). So to make up for his band’s absence, their guitarist Marco Palinar agreed to play solo. An instrumental. And guess what: a 7-minute guitar solo that totally made everybody scream because of the sheer awesomeness of the performance. I know I use the word “awesome” a lot that I already sound like a surfer boy, but I swear, there was no other way to describe it. You should’ve been there. Seriously.


Now I anticipated Mike Villar‘s band mainly for two reasons: he’s a fucking internet star and Mike sent me impressive videos of their performances a week before the BGRF (we have to find a better acronym) and I was pretty excited to see them play. They blew the audience away with their cover of Metallica’s Seek And Destroy.

Lose Your Beer Belly

Now my band (and Lauren’s too, since she joined us and this is her second gig with us) was the last to perform. We did six originals (two of them mine), and audience response was overwhelming that we were forced to play an encore, Dishwalla’s Counting Blue Cars.

Obligatory gay buddy shot
(L-R: The Mordo, Mike, Pau, Fritz, Ade, Marco)

TMB Ladies + a boyfriend
(L-R Helga, Lauren, Ale, Penny)

(L-R Ria, Karla, Poyt & Kring)

And The Man Blog would like to thank everybody who showed up and watched us last night, especially Poyt, Kring, Ria, Ale, Jen, Nick (thanks for the pictures, dude!), Tal, Randy, Perry, Sasha, Rico M, Rico S, Noemi Dado, Butch Dado, Karla Redor, and Jhay. And to Bela Bar and Joyce Ramos, for making the entire thing possible. It was a big success, thanks to you guys.

Till BGRF 2!

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More Pictures!

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Photos in the article courtesy of Fritz, Poyt, Sasha & Jhay.

If you have a photo album, video and/or article about the event, just leave the link here via a comment and I’ll add it.

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