So I opened my web browser and visited my blog and I realized that it’s been quite a few days since my last entry. It’s pretty weird, because as everyone and their grandmother knows, I go online like every day, bugging busy people like Baddie for their WordPress plugins. But it seems like I haven’t done too much blogging lately.

Yeah, my brain sucks like that. Also, I think my creativity has already walked out on me, along with my will to live. Also, I’ve been lazy- awesomifically lazy- even to read blogs. In fact, I just logged into Google Reader and this is what greeted me:

C’mon people, say it with me: THIS ADE GUY, WHAT A SUCK.

I’ve actually been quite busy and I’ve been tired like hell this week. That’s actually quite an improvement, since I blogged about how sucky one of my previous weeks were. You see, my band has a gig this Saturday (my company’s annual Christmas party), and as usual, we were informed about it a week before. And the conversation with the event organizer went a little something like this:

Organizer:    So you guys will indeed be playing for this year’s Christmas party.
Me:    Awesome. When is the party?
Organizer:    Around seven days from now.
Me:    What?
Organizer:    So, have you guys started practicing already?
Me:    No, we haven’t–
Organizer:    Awesome. Oh, by the way, you guys will play three sets on December 8.
Me:    Wait, what, THREE FUCKING SETS?
Organizer:    Yeah. Let’s make it, say, four songs each? Also, I don’t want you guys to play any of the songs you’ve played previously. I want you guys to play brand new songs that you have to learn within the course of these seven days.
Organizer:    Yeah. Got a problem with that?
Me:    Well, for starters, I do. In fact–
Organizer:    Good, I didn’t think you had any.

So the last few days were a blur of work, five-hour band practice, me lugging a heavy bass and my ancient Korg AX300B around, the usual barrage of insults from Sorsi, Ababu shawarma, Ministop siopao, fatigue, me staring off into space, and a longing for that funny little thing called “sleep”.

So I apologize to the people I’ve been talking to if they’ve been getting incoherent mumbles from me. Also, those who witnessed me snap and sing an impromptu ditty about “Nutty The Squirrel with Ginormous Testicles”, I promise to never do that again. Just stop pointing that gun at me whenever I’m around. Please.

So, how was your week?

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