The Bass That Blogging Bought

As you all know, I’m a bassist. A really lousy one, but whatev. So anyway, for the longest time I’ve been borrowing bass guitars left and right mainly because my old bass hasn’t really been usable.

It’s really hard to play the riff of “Come Together” with this.

If you remember, way back in January, I wished for a new bass. If you’re too lazy to click on that link here’s what happened:

I just realized that I have my old black Squire Precision Bass lying around the house somewhere. I haven’t used it for some years because of some idiot who, in a brief moment of stupidity, thought that he had teh mad skillz to hack the guitar so that it’ll be much more awesome than it already is.

Anyway, I’m just wasting your time because I want you to stare at my awesome new bass. Which I bought with AdSense moolah!

Stare! Stare at it!

So I got me a Dame F&P 250, and I’m totally loving it. And I even named her Andromeda, ’cause this bass is kickass and shit.

Okay, not really. I just named her after this girl from Clash of the Titans.

Shut up.

Also, my band. Bai.


  1. bob

    yung sirang bass na yun, yun ba ung bass mo nung high school pa? paayos mo na lang ulit. mweheheh!

    bob's last blog post..Mr. Pogi In Space

  2. Wow! You rock! Err… with that guitar I mean.

    philos's last blog post..My Lakbayan grade is C-!

  3. Toe

    I'm sure now guwapo yung bass mo, all the girls will come in droves! Except that Andromeda is a girl so she's not exactly guwapo. πŸ™‚ Your old bass has quite a character though!

  4. Gorgeous!!!

    mitch's last blog post..HEY, IT’S MY BIRTH MONTH!

  5. Like I already said, HAAWWWT! If blogging gave me more money, more than to buy a domain, I'll definitely get a dildo or a vibrator. Then I'd create a post like yours and say, the sex toy that blogging bought πŸ˜› PWND!!!! Hahaha

  6. When I first saw your title, I thought you bought a big fish with your blog income.

    joyfulchicken's last blog post..The case for nude Olympics

  7. Awesome bass dude. But you should have spared some change from your AdSense moolah para makapagpa-burger ka naman. lolz

    But hey, I'll be looking forward to seeing you play with your new bass. (Your guitar okay? not some other weird instrument or body part)


    Mannequin will be at the RJ bar Makati this Saturday, so if you can do drop by and crash with us. And bring along your trolls too. πŸ˜€

    jhay's last blog post..Seriously considering of getting a Lenovo IdeaPad S9

    • Ade

      I'll see if I can make it to the gig. I'm fast approaching brokedom. πŸ™

  8. Wow, congrats! Google must've been good to you. πŸ˜› Blogging only bought me… a bar of chocolate, a pack of gum, 2 hackers, much ennui, and a whole lotta unwanted spam. But at least the chocolate bar was good!

    Rock on.

    fruityoaty's last blog post..Bringing Sexy Back to the 90-9-1 Neighbourhood

  9. yay for the bass that blogging bought! πŸ™‚

  10. A hobby sustaining another hobby. Awesome. You've got to love passive income.

  11. Nice. Now you can properly play Beatles tunes with it. Rock on.

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