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Ok, so I’ve been taking this blog thing too seriously and I already spend 90% of my time in front of the PC getting fat and all. But to prove to the world that I have a semblance of a social life, I went to the Taste Asia blogger’s meetup at Mall of Asia and planned to talk to people, meet new friends, and probably scare some people away, while I assure them that I’m not actually rubbing my crotch, I’m just doing a Somalian shamanistic ritualistic greeting. You know, for good luck.

So socializing didn’t turn out too well, mainly because I just found out that walking up to the women and saying “Hi ladies! I’m Ade, a.k.a The Noisy Noisy Man. I’m the most awesomest blogger in here. Don’t you get the urge to leave this party and make out with me someplace?” is not a good pick-up line. I learned this the hard way, mind you.

Feeling dejected after the seventh lady slapped my face and muttered something about ripping my “right testicle off and throwing it into the bowels of Manila Bay”, I decided to forget about meeting new people and just stand in one corner, cry and whine to Markku, JAngelo and Karla, drink the free-flowing beer, and gorge on the delicious eat-all-you-can sisig and possibly suffer a heart attack.

Good thing fellow TMB editor Rising Internet Superstar Mike “Fucking” Villar was able to get past security, even though he actually was not invited. I saw him sulking in a corner, eating pizza and shouting things like “Fucking communists why was I not invited?!” Rico, Sasha, Riz, Marc, and TJ were trying to restrain him in vain. However, they didn’t know the magic word to calm down Mike when he was in one of his drunken stupors. So I walked up to him, and said:


He immediately calmed down and was a good boy the entire night.

TJ introduced me to two of his friends, Marlon and Penny. I think I scared them away when I did my Borat impersonation. Especially when I pulled out that rubber fist and asked them to use it on my– okaaay who else finds this awkward?

Shari (thanks for the invite), Prudence, and Darwin seemed to avoid me. I wouldn’t blame them. It’s not everyday you see a Dominic Ochoa look-alike with long hair and manboobs getting drunk and screaming stuff like “Andito na ang mga Hapon!” when the fireworks went off. Seriously, I thought the Japanese were bombing us or something. I also saw Neil running about, who called me “sir” the whole time I talked with him.

Juned, your camera was awesome. Lauren, I’m sorry for the awkward stares. I was star struck. Sorsi, I was late. I wasn’t able to get any of the prizes. But you already knew that.

The night ended with TJ seriously injuring his spine in a moment of alcohol-induced creativity when he saw an abandoned shopping cart and rode on it, Jackass-style. A guard saw him and chased him all over the parking lot on a bike. Unfortunately, Mike’s car was, um, directly in the way of TJ and his speeding shopping cart. He also wins teh internets for sheer awesomeness.

Congratulations Aileen for an awesome event!

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