So after the disaster on my (mostly nonexistent) social life that was the first Taste Asia Blogger’s Meetup at MoA back in July, I decided to just take it easy and try to avoid blogger meetups in the meantime because of the sheer number of temporary restraining orders I amassed just by attending the last one. I mean, there’s only so much my criminal record (and dignity) can take. So I was rather surprised when I read Aileen’s blog entry announcing that there will be a second blogger’s meetup at Taste Asia. I was like “Ho-hum, another blogger meetup, yeah, yeah, big deal— HOLY FUCKWITS DID SOMEBODY SAY FREE FOOD? I’M IN!”


So I pretty much convinced Rising Internet Star Mike “Fucking” Villar— who was hiding in some foxhole in Zanzibar because of the haters he gained from his infamous FOBcast— to join in. I spent many a night patting Mike’s hand, telling him to stop crying and after convincing him that a certain anonymous flamer (who actually works for Chinatrust and wastes away company resources surfing Mike’s blog) won’t really come into his room in the middle of the night and stab his neck with a ballpen, Mike finally agreed to show up.

And eventually, the rest of The Man Blog joined in, hooked in by the promise of free food and, erm, tits. Also, beer.

(L-R) Me, Adam, Fritz, Bim, Coco, Mikey, Liz, Marco
TMB Monkeys not in pic: Steel, Aloha Penny, Anne, Helga, Sexy Nomad,
and TJ, if hanging out with us makes him join TMB.

And of course we started the night with the usual start of “Hi my name is Ade, this is my blog, can you link me please? I promise to comment on your entries if you comment on mine”-type of socializing.

I ran into Shari, Eric, Doc Tess, Lauren (who looked awesome in her WP shirt), Mike A, Rico, Sasha, Marc, Juned, Eugene, Gail, Riz, Jayvee, Darwin, Marcelle, Jhay, BA (who I kept calling but just couldn’t hear me), Benj, Ganns, Aileen, Dhon Jason (who took photos of me. I wonder why), and, um, archnemesis Sorsi (Tell me if I missed somebody so I can link you up). But it didn’t go quite well, because everybody seemed to think that all of TMB’s editors were fat and sweaty assholes who don’t have anything better to do but to make fun of bloggers. And ugly people. They also probably think that we try to outgay each other in our spare time. Not true. We try to outgay each other every waking hour. But I digress.

The night didn’t begin nicely for me, because I was greeting all those people I know left and right, and when I saw Sorsi passing by, I just had to greet her even though she’s my sworn enemy. Anyway, I greeted her with a “Hi!” and she answers back with the single most awesomest reply ever in the history of mankind:

“Who the hell are you?”


At this point I decided to stop greeting random passing women lest I become so depressed and drown myself in the nearby Manila Bay. I dejectedly walk back to the TMB table and spend the rest of the party there.

Highlights of the night:

  • Mike became so drunk he puked all over his MacBook and me. Oh by the way, I just made a funney! MacBook and me! Get it? Y’see, there was this movie back in the eighties called Mac and… Get it? Hahahahahahahrummph– Oh yeah? I hate you too.
  • I got a record twenty slaps on the face from various women (and those who looked close enough to being women) who I tried to hit on. That’s thirteen more than the last time!
  • Benj and Bim finally ended a feud which lasted six years. When they finally patched things up, we just gave Benj a group hug. For an hour. We would’ve done a Man Blog circle jerk session complete with reach arounds, but he already gave us funny looks so we just did the smart thing and sped off.
  • Somebody was pointing out the different kinds of bloggers who attended. “Those are the kids,” she said, pointing to a group of college kids having fun in one corner. “Those are the senior citizens, and those-” and then she pointed to those who were at the free laptop area, liveblogging away “–are the virgins.”
  • Mike and Bim fought over AlohaPenny’s affections. Click here to watch the video.
  • For the fifth blogger event in a row, I won nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.
  • Thanks to the freeflowing beer, we at TMB got so shitfaced that by the time we left, we didn’t know whose car we got into. Also, we left that car somewhere in Roxas Boulevard as a pile of twisted and charred metal. To the unkown owner of the car: sry. 🙁

Other blog entries about the event:

Also, photos for the event are here.

My verdict for the Taste Asia meetup? I give it 4.5 out of 5 GOATSES.

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