Surviving an Aircon Breakdown

You may have stumbled upon this page in desperation. You may miss your aircon badly. Your relationship with your aircon may be deteriorating already. Or your aircon had just broken down and you are lonely.

Either way, I am here to give you advice.

Because it’s too hot to erase the watermarks

Aircons are not forever. This is the first thing you should know when starting on a relationship. Aircons are, contrary to popular belief, not very good at relationships. They lack commitment. They don’t give gifts.They forget dates. They pick their noses in public. And they bail out at the last minute.

And by “bailing out” I mean “conking out in the middle of summer when you need it the most”. It sucks, I know. But aircons are like that.

And you are NOT a loser! Aircons are unable to handle commitments. It is not your fault. It is the aircon’s.

Don’t be a pathetic whining loser, dammit! If I ever hear you becoming emo, I’m gonna send Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick your spleen into the fourth dimension before you can say “Simple Plan”.

An unfortunate effect of too much heat

Be a man! It’s just heat! It may be sweltering, but… you can take it, I’m sure.

Anyway, you have a bounceback option. It’s called “electric fan”.


  1. abbee

    LOL yeah I'm an idiot who's emotionally dependent on a split-type a/c unit. Despite my a/c breaking down on every now & then, with a broken remote control device to boot, I still worship it to bits.

  2. just last saturday i was at the office and the aircon is turned off

    power saving shit and everything lol

    it's like having a free steam bath lol

  3. thank God im in baguio!!

  4. ade

    [Comment ID #248 Will Be Quoted Here]

    er… u need some sleep. and your BF. hehehehe. 🙂

    [Comment ID #249 Will Be Quoted Here]

    would love to, but gas prices are impossible already. 🙂

    [Comment ID #255 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i'm gonna be staying in the office. 🙁 aircon dito eh (yes, naayos na siya)

  5. It's getting hot and it means that summer is getting near!!! I wonder where will everyone go this summer. hehehe

  6. one way i cool down is i wet a towel and put it on my head like a turban. hehehehee

    or just hop in a car and use that aircon. heaps of people sleep in the car! 😛

  7. i don't need it 'cas i need sweat. lots of sweat. sweat is sexy and why they effin' lord my site is down? hehehe.

    matutulog na nga ako. 😛

  8. Tam

    elaborate please

    Bundok amin kaya no need for aircons or electic fans. 😉

  9. ade

    [Comment ID #241 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Chuck Norris, attack!

    [Comment ID #240 Will Be Quoted Here]

    don't put the ice somewhere… interesting. please.

    [Comment ID #238 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that's because UST has the most number of aircons in a campus. (not really, i'm just trying to be snarky)

    [Comment ID #237 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I'm flatttered to have influenced you.

    [Comment ID #236 Will Be Quoted Here]

    elaborate please.

    [Comment ID #234 Will Be Quoted Here]

    my point exactly! 😉

    [Comment ID #233 Will Be Quoted Here]


    [Comment ID #232 Will Be Quoted Here]

    bounceback! waaaa!

  10. rob

    ade, you cut me deep. i'm one of those "pathetic whining loser" when frikkin' air cons break down. 😉

  11. Where I live we get really HOT summers and really COLD winters. Either way my heating and aircon bills are always high. On hot days I try to stay cool by stuffing ice in my clothes. It doesn't work very well because people stare after the ice melts…hehe.

  12. I don't need airconditioners anymore, I alone am cool (literally). And I don't sweat easily. hihihi

  13. Oh that's definitely an advance tip for me, since summer here is coming soon.

  14. Tam

    Ah, we have a "built-in" aircon in my city. Haha.

  15. i can live without aircon in the house. but if you tell me to go to manila and travel on a vehicle w/o aircon and with all that traffic? no way! hehehe 😛

  16. I’ll die in too much heat so maybe, I’ll die without it. 😛

  17. For your A/C to last long, you should clean it on a regular basis unless of course, it’s a decade old already in which case, you really need to replace it. Meantime, as you said, you can always depend on electric fans. 😀

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