Sorsi Would Make A Pretty Badass Life Coach

Know what scares me? I’ve been getting these awesometastic bouts of depression lately. I know that you’d probably either go “Oh, look, there’s Ade, overdramatizing again about his trivial problems. Let’s laugh at him!” or “Ade, here’s some Xanax. Please overdose yourself ktnx.” or “Ade, you need to get laid. Hey that rhymes!” or “Look, a pink unicorn!”

And I’m getting pretty scared because it’s coming on to often. But I just usually try to shrug it off by saying “Meh. I shall handle depression like a MAN!” and I’ll hide in my bedroom, burying myself in pillows and sobbing my eyes off while eating my second bucketful of KFC Chicken.

But to make me feel better I kinda had long talks with Kring and Sorsi (yeah, yeah, Sorsi’s the girl who makes me depressed and suicidal everytime I talk to her, yadda yadda. I was desperate.) and thanks to them I was able to cheer up. Also, I think Sorsi would make buttloads of cash if she ever does choose to take up life coaching as a career.

Take this conversation, for instance:

ME: Meh, I’m depressed.
SORSI: Again? You’ve been in and out of depression for, I dunno, a month?
ME: I know right.
SORSI: You suck.

Or this conversation:

: So, I’ve got this problem. There’s this girl-
SORSI: Girls won’t go for you, Ade. I think we’ve long established that.
ME: But-
SORSI: Wala kang, erm, “libog factor”. Either that or you’re a eunuch.
ME: … I hate you.


ME: You’re supposed to cheer me up.
SORSI: Fatso.

Hence, I’m pretty sure she’d make a pretty badass life coach if she wanted to. In fact, I’m recommending her to you all in case you need your lives straightened out or something.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a video of my band playing at ToyCon 2008.

So yeah, in conclusion my weekend was made of pure unadulterated suck. How was your weekend?


  1. .

    hire a love doctor. LOL

  2. I wasn't able to watch your band since I'm too small and you have way to many fans. In short, natabunan ako ng mga tao. Next time, you should reserve a seat in front for me. XD

    Euri's last blog post..ToyCon '08

  3. Wow. I think the Xanax would rly work better for you 😛 Hahahahaha.

    Juice's last blog post..Oh Questions!

  4. and I think that's why you have friends.

    and really, you have no "libog factor"? So how do you get laid? lol

    cigarette-girl's last blog post..Avenue Q: after the show

  5. Well look on the bright side, at least Sorsi doesn't charge you for her insults.

    jhay's last blog post..Now running Firefox 3 – is this the right version?

  6. aba! what's the happening here? Nananahimik ako dito ah!=P

    Jon, hehe mukang matagal pako bago umuwi so i'll just have to keep insulting Ade from afar=P

    Girls who like Ade…here's a tip for you…Ade likes being dominated and insulted…it's the surest way to get him aroused…Better yet though, find another man to like because Ade has a penis the size of a vienna sausage….did I say vienna sausage? I meant vienna sausage tidbits!

    Sorsi's last blog post..Gossipped Girl

  7. Wow! You have such cool supportive friends!

    philos's last blog post..A Boston Big 3 Meeting in LA just before giving LA Game 5, series still in favor of Boston at 3-2

  8. At least you're not so depressed anymore. Also, I have so much love for that image you used. Woot.

    FunnySexy's last blog post..Things You Shouldn’t Do When Dating

    • Ade

      Yeah! thanks for cheering me up though, even if I did end up becoming your shrink.

  9. Hahaha. But hey, that did cheer you up, right? 😛

    The more wiseass your friends, the better. At least, depending on your sanity levels. ^_^

    mitch's last blog post..LOOPS

  10. lolz, sorsi is da man!

  11. If ever Sorsi fails to deliver the insults, I'm here *spreads arms*

    Helga's last blog post..CHICKS I’D BANG.

  12. Papa, if insults float your boat… I insult you now! LIKE NOW NA!

    Ria Jose's last blog post..Halo-Halo

  13. You know what I think?

    Sorsi should just go home and hook up with you and you go make out and meyk lab and get married or something. She appears to be asking you to prove to her that you're not a eunuch so PROVE IT TO HEEERRR.

    Sorsi, if you're reading this. UWI KA NA, NOW NAAA. And go copulate with Ade.

    That's all. KTHXBAI! 😀 😀 😀

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