Sexy Will Save Boracay, Thanks To Axe Philippines!

Let’s be honest, guys. What do you go to Boracay for? Yes. We go to Boracay for the sexy girls. And we know that sexy girls (jn bikinis) wouldn’t go to a dirty beach. And we want Boracay to be full of sexy girls. So how do we keep sexy girls in Boracay? Clean up the beaches, of course, so the b- I mean, girls won’t leave!

This is where AXE PHILIPPINES comes in. They have a new advocacy out, called SEXY SAVES BORACAY!

The project aims to rally support for the preservation and promotion of the island of Boracay. “It’s one of the most beautiful places in the World. We want to get more young people to care about Boracay by making this a cool and sexy cause to support,” says Axe Brand Manager Gem Laforteza.

Everyone has a sexy “what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay” story to tell. We all love Boracay and we want to keep it the way it is with its pristine white beaches, clear waters, and of course the beautiful people. Now, Axe Philippines is bringing something very unusual but potentially very powerful as well to the cause: Axe Girls in bikinis.

Axe will be spearheading efforts to raise funds to clean up the beaches of Boracay, the first of which is a sexy car wash they’re calling “Axe Anarchy Bikini Car Wash”, which will be happening on October 20, 2012 at the NBC Tent Grounds at the Fort. The Axe Girls will be washing cars in exchange for 500-peso donations to the cause. And all proceeds from the event will be matched by Axe Philippines and used to fund a clean-up mission.

“Axe Philippines will be donating one peso for every one peso raised during event,” says Gem. “But more than the money, this is about getting people to shout out that they support the cause and that they want to keep partying in Boracay.”

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