In case you don’t know (or care), I’m using this wonderful WordPress Plugin, called WP-ShortStat, that helps me find out who’s visiting my blog, what website they come from, and if they found my site from a search engine, what search words they used.

I was checking my shortstat the other day and I was disturbed, even concerned, about the welfare and mental health of some of my visitors. A quick glance at the search strings gave me the creeps:

  • male with hug cock – What. The. Hell?
  • celebrity man cock – The sad thing is, they’re finding my site through Italian search engines. REPEATEDLY.
  • schoolgay – Yep, I have a clear idea of your sexual fetishes… Now go away.
  • cow poop images – Lovely.
  • ask a retard – Ooh yeah, like a retard will give you grrrrrrrreat answers to your questions…
  • retard fishing – But… What is it in the first place?
  • super blinkies – What, ordinary blinkies ain’t enough for you?
  • willie revillame ‘s home address – I hate his guts too, but do you actually need to look for his home to shut him up? Also, do you think he’d post his home address on the internet?!
  • david hasselhoff downloads – What’ll you download? Hoff Soap?
  • ridiculous quotes from david hasselhoff – You don’t need quotes. You just need to look at his pictures to know how ridiculous he is. And the weird thing is that this is a REPEAT search string.
  • batman retard – This just defies logic.
  • what dose addams like to do at the karaoke – Who dose what where? Huh?
  • fat boy man boobs – Uh-huh. N-nice.
  • man cock – This is not a pretty picture.
  • fat nudist of men – Seriously, people who have a long history of mental illness and disturbing fetishes should be banned from using the internet.

I am sure glad that most of my readers are normal. Do you guys get weird visitors as well? Maybe you won’t mind telling me your stories.

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