People are starting to freak me out.

There I was, off to work. I take a jeepney every morning before I get on the MRT. And beside me was this woman who looks normal enough. That is, until she starts nodding her head at the woman in front of her.I gave her the benefit of a doubt. Maybe they were friends. They got on the jeep together. Why they did not sit beside each other on a practically-empty jeepney is none of my business.

The lady in front of us starts ignoring her.

The woman beside me starts nodding her head, then shakes it, then starts talking. No, make that MURMURING. To no one in particular.

I was positively freaked out.

When things can’t get any worse, she starts chanting. In Latin. And German.

Is there an exorcist in the house?

Me after that harrowing experience

Suddenly people start getting off the jeep. Those who opted to risk being in the same jeep with a total psycho changed seats to be totally away from her.

Then she screams, “Sabihin mo ‘yan sa Huwes!!! (Tell that to the Judge!)”

I start running like crazy.

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