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Review: The Green Hornet [Part 1]

Thanks to Krispy Kreme and Discovery Channel, Comicgasm editors Ade & RJ were invited to an exclusive screening of The Green Hornet. Yes, these two idiots get invited to events now. We’re more surprised at the fact that people still actually bother to read this blog. Anyway, here’s what the Comicgasm crew thought of the Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen superhero flick.

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.

Ade: They gave away free donuts! How did you find them? These particular Green Hornet-themed donuts aren’t my thing, but I met a few people raving about them. Original Glazed is still my favorite Krispy Kreme donut.

RJ: They kinda taste like kiddie bubblegum-flavored toothpaste, so it had a nostalgic feel to it. I like how it’s not too sweet, unlike their usual donuts. They even gave freebies like hats and green glasses!

Ade: Also, they gave away Mythbusters DVDs! Really excited to break them out. Thanks, Discovery!

RJ: Oh, speaking of Mythbusters, the Green Hornet Special has Seth Rogen in it! Can’t wait till it airs 8pm on Friday, January 28, on Discovery Channel. There are already torrents out but eh, I’ll catch it on cable.

Ade: Okay, onto the film! Here’s a little confession I have to make: I kept my expectations pretty low. I mean, I like Seth Rogen, I like Michel Gondry, but they’re not the first two people I think of when you say “superhero film.” I was pleasantly surprised though – the movie was better than expected.

RJ: I firmly believe that the entertainment factor of this movie depends entirely on how much you can stand Seth Rogen. And your ability to laugh at not-so-subtle gay jokes. Fortunately for us, we’re immature man-children, so you know that we love that kind of humor! I can barely tolerate Seth, but the supporting cast made it easier for me to enjoy the film.

Ade: Unfortunately, for this film to become a Seth Rogen movie, the main character had to be a witless douche. If you’ve seen the 1960’s Green Hornet TV show, the personality of the eponymous superhero was completely different from the film version. Granted, the Green Hornet’s essentially a blank slate because he’s not in the public consciousness as much as, say, Batman. Anyone can pretty much write their own interpretation of the character as long as they kept the essential elements in (son of a newspaper tycoon, dad dies, he becomes a superhero, Chinese driver), but would it hurt if they made the title character – the guy who the entire movie revolves around – a bit more… competent?

RJ: Or at least become competent (read: not useless) as the movie progressed.

Ade: Ah, that’s actually what I liked about Seth Rogen’s interpretation of the character. I mean, I’m not happy that he played a useless idiot, but it was a bold move to avoid a clichéd montage of Britt Reid training under Kato into becoming a better fighter. In the end, he was still incompetent and for some reason it felt better that way.

RJ: It’s Seth Rogen. He basically plays himself in all of his films. What I liked about it was that he and Kato were genuinely having fun kicking ass and being assholes about it. The motivation behind their “heroics,” at least at the start of the movie, were just to have fun while kicking criminal ass!

Ade: Which is a bit strange, when you think about it – the ‘60’s Green Hornet TV show was consciously designed to be completely different from the Adam West Batman – it was straight, serious, and the main characters totally kicked ass. Granted, kicking ass isn’t hard to accomplish when you have Bruce Lee playing Kato, but still. Now the new Green Hornet’s campy, laden with gay jokes, and is the polar opposite of Chris Nolan’s grim depiction of Batman. There’s a current trend in superhero movies where they’re all doing gritty reboots, so it is refreshing to see just one superhero film bucking the trend and actually being silly for the heck of it.

RJ: The campy feel made the movie a lot more enjoyable, considering that they turned it into a comedy film. Unlike most comic book adaptations, Green Hornet didn’t take itself seriously; and it worked really well with it’s overall theme and Seth’s douche-ness. I really liked how there would be a gay joke every 10 minutes or so, it’s like they’re mocking Adam West or something.

Ade: For a campy comedy film that didn’t take itself seriously, I was surprised at the amount of violence The Green Hornet had. Kato was killing guys left and right in the most brutal ways, but it was choreographed so beautifully that the violence only sinks in after you realize that, hey, Kato just blew that guy’s brains out! And it’s a good thing, believe me.

RJ: I especially liked the scenes where random thugs gets crushed by huge things like cement mixers and elevators! They somehow managed to make brutal killings look so awesome and funny at the same time.

Ade: It’s like a real-life Looney Tunes cartoon! Also, it’s funny how random thugs get killed left and right and then suddenly the movie stops so it can focus on one dead thug because the main villain (who was excellent, but we’ll get to him in a while) needs to mourn.

RJ: Let’s talk about Kato. Coz the movie should really be called Kato and the Douchebag White Dude.

Ade: Jay Chou was seriously the highlight of the film. He kicked ass, man. He could be THE Green Hornet and Seth Rogen Kato for all I care. Also, he makes awesome coffee.

RJ: There was a weird synergy that Seth and Jay have (in a gay-ish sort of way), Chou and Waltz made it easier to tolerate Seth Rogen. Their awesome characterization balances the douche-ness out!

Ade: Christoph Waltz, as the villain Benjamin Chudnofsky, was the second bright spot of this film. I love his awkwardness, his decision to turn into the “super-villain” Bloodnofsky, and how intentionally bad he was in acting out super-villain clichés just fucking killed me.

RJ: Who knew that a crime lord undergoing a midlife crisis would be so entertaining! All he wanted was to be HIP again!

Ade: This is totally random, but while watching the film, I was thinking “You know, Gary Busey would actually be the PERFECT actor to play Chudnofsky.” I mean, Waltz was great, yeah, but there’s a part of me longing to see Busey say stuff like “I am now going to dress in red and be called BLOODnofsky! What do you think?”

RJ: Go! I’ll be waiting with my camera, Ade!

Ade: … I wasn’t going to masturbate to it, RJ.

This is just Part One of our mega-review of The Green Hornet! Wait for Part Two tomorrow, where we nitpick and write about stuff we actually didn’t like in the movie! Also that was the part where we run out of things to write and we ended up writing one dick joke after another. Wait for it tomorrow, on Comicgasm!

UPDATE: Part 2 of the review can be found here!


  1. If it's a movie with a douche bag in it and people being killed left and right then it's got to be worth something.

    Sans the donuts with green icing. Even if it's a Krispy Kreme.

    • Didn't see you at event. I must have been too busy with those delicious mint toothpaste donuts. I ate three.

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