Notes on the Pacquiao – Hatton fight.

So, tomorrow would be the much-anticipated boxing event, the bout between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton. The fight is also named “The Battle of East and West,” and is therefore considered to have the worst name in the history of boxing, you know?

Also, they totally got the name of the fight wrong here.

I’m pretty sure the streets will again be practically abandoned and crime rates will fall to zero as people will crowd in front of their television sets and root for Pacquiao by screaming “SIGE MANNY SUNTUKIN MO PA! PAKSHET GALENG MO MANNY, PATAYIN MO NA PUTANG INA YAN SIGA SUNTOK PA TANGINANG YAN!” and after he wins, 90% of Filipinos would engage in some weird mass orgasm, run through the streets in ecstasy and celebrate the triumph and perseverance of the Filipino Spirit.

Tomorrow morning will probably find me in front of my TV, watching the (non-pay per view version, BOOOOOOOO) of the fight, cheering for whoever is winning, gulping down a bottle of beer, and staying away from Twitter, Plurk and Facebook, because people tend to post spoilers in there. But as everyone knows, I seem to have a genetic predisposition to go online and check Twitter, Plurk and Facebook and to scream because I accidentally viewed a spoiler.

What do you guys think? Who will win?


More importantly, will Pacquiao again say his signature line “you know” on TV, to be broadcasted around the globe? I need to know.


  1. Lol. My boss, who is Filipino by the way, lost $150 on this fight.
    Guess who he bet on?

  2. i bet my whole life savings! manny will win via 2nd round knockout!

  3. Manny doesn't say "You know" anymore…

    …but he uses "I mean" at the start of every sentence…

  4. Upside?! Manny's english is getting better.

    • Ade

      I kinda tuned out during the interviews, so I wouldn't know, you know?

  5. dammet pls dont let him run for congress or for any position for that matter, you know?

    I'm gonna take boxing seriously now. Kailangan kong makapatumba kahit lasing man lang.

    • Ade

      When faced with a drunk, what I do is to hit him with a beer bottle and run away. Fast.

      You know?

  6. Haha, you wrote this for only 6 minutes of boxing.

  7. Spell remittance. Go on, spell it.

  8. If I see that dumb Vitwater TV commercial again, I'm going to stab somebody.

    (I've only seen it once.)

  9. Well, Pacquiao won, in just 2 goddamn rounds! WTF?!

    Too bad for those went all the way to Las Vegas just to see someone knock the shit out of someone else in just 2 rounds.

  10. i made a bet over this boxing bout and for some reason, i chose bloody british hatton over manny, gawddamnit! screw. this. idiot. it's either i'm too effin' drunk or i really wanna see manny pacquaio down on his knees. on second thot, manny's fate is tied too close to this country's; hence he can't afford to lose. geez.

  11. All that matters to me is the fact that most of my blogger friends will be $$$ richer today with their SEO skills and I envy them.

    Money Pakyawan na, you know?

  12. You know?

  13. CM

    Manny but that doesn't matter because I don't know jack about the fight. I'm patriotic like that.

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