I interrupt my blogging hiatus to write an entry about Eva Fonda. And I think I’ve sunk to an all-time low with this blog, ladies and gentlemen.

The new teleserye from ABS-CBN has opened up so much discussion on Plurk that I just had to go and watch it. Besides, I don’t think I have anything better to do with my time. Iyottube.com can get old if you’ve been surfing it for two weeks in a row, really. And seriously, how could you resist watching this?

Oh hai thar Cristine Reyes. ‘Sup? Also, OGC.

Just look at Cristine Reyes there. How could you not get entranced by her lovely face, and those eyes, and- wait, you reading this? Fuck.


Okaaaay, to keep the creepiness in this entry from going overboard, I shall stop here before I post more creepy shit about me drooling over her bewbs staring at her beauty fapping to her I give up. Instead, I shall post a list of my thoughts whenever I see an episode of Eva Fonda. Because lists are benign and, well, not creepy. I think. And I won’t even talk about boobs.

  • There aren’t enough dinosaurs in there to keep my attenti- holy shit, look at the size of those BOOBS!
  • There’s way too much blood flowing in this show, they might as well rename it to “Dinuguan” and nobody would notice the difference.
  • It’s like ABS-CBN had a surplus of fake blood and created a show just to get rid of it.
  • The obligatory “pull-at-each-others-hair-and-slap-each-other-silly” bitchfight scenes need to have torn clothes exposing various body parts or else I won’t care.
  • Apparently, walking around in a rural village while dressed skimpily is normal behavior for rural hot mestiza lasses. I knew living in the city was a mistake.
  • Every male on the show is a sex-starved pervert. Just like on the internets.
  • Bewbs don’t bounce that way in real life, do they?

So there you go, that’s the in-depth peek into what was running into my mind while I was watching Eva Fonda. So the next time you see me, please don’t get creeped out or something, ok?

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