In this NoisyCast, I finally got Nick and Gen on board. We also had Ingrid do an awesome first take with us, but our equipment died after she left, effectively making us lose our data. It’s sad, because the four of us would be awesome.

Episode notes:

  • Nick and Gen introduce themselves
  • Nick talks about the Canadian accent and Celine Dion, among other things
  • Gen tells us how she weaseled her way out of a traffic violation. And reckless imprudence.
  • Gen turns into a felon
  • We share horror stories of being on the road.
  • I speak in a horrible accent that would probably get me fired if my boss hears this
  • We spend 90% of the podcast being unintelligible and giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls

This episode of the NoisyCast was recorded at Fandom Cafe, located at Unit G-09 Regalia Park Towers, 150 P. Tuazon St., Cubao Q.C..

Also, email your reactions to ade [at] ademagnaye [dot] com

Episode length: 15 minutes
Background music: “Happy Hippo” by Cloud Cult

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