Ever since I got me that ASUS Eee PC on a whim I realize that I’ve been spending more and more time on it than I’m supposed to. I guess the fact that I can fap off to porn in the privacy of my room is one of the reasons. And weirdly, the internet on my laptop is faster than on my virus-and-spyware-laden desktop computer. Also I’m getting the hang of tweaking my laptop’s Linux installation and it’s taking up my time. Finally, I’m pretty sure I just wrote more nerdese than I ever did in the two years of my blog and as a result I can actually feel the 50% drop in subscribers and traffic from here. You assholes.

“Halloes ladies! I’m Ade, hyuk, make out with me? No? K.”

I’m afraid that I’m becoming your regular nerd who locks himself up in his room, doing nothing but play around with Linux installing all sorts of useless apps. In fact, judging from the speed of my nerdification, I’ll probably get asthma in two weeks, lose whatever is left of my fashion sense and start wearing orange pleated pants with lime green socks, and get 27 pimples per square inch of my face. And switch my masturbatory fodder from porn to pictures of broken computer components.

In fact, I can see this scenario happening sometime soon:

Mom: Ade, dinner time. Get your fat lazy ass downstairs and please eat.
Ade: Wait, I’m still compiling the Linux kernel.
Mom: What? I don’t know what kind of geekfaggotry is that “Liniks Colonel”, but you better go downstairs and eat.
Ade: Mom, I’ll corrupt my Linux install if I leave this alone!
Mom: I don’t care if you “erupt” your “Linix” install. Go. Down. Stairs. Dinner. Now.
Ade: But-
Mom: NOW.
Ade: No.
Mom: Ade, there’s this really hot girl at the door-
Ade: If she’s not carrying a quad-core CPU, I’ll ignore her.

So yeah my point is that I’m scared of losing my already-waning social life and that I’m already nerdified in every possible way and that this blog entry sucks balls and I’m already getting ADHD and – OH HEY IT’S JESUS AND A PEDOPHILE CLOWN!

Do you ever get one of these phases? What do you do about it?

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