My Brain Stopped Working And I Was Too Busy To Notice

If you’ve noticed, the frequency of my posts here have been declining in both frequency and quality. I swear I’ve been trying very hard to set aside some time to write something (remotely) substantial but it’s either I don’t have the time or my brain just won’t fucking cooperate.

Okay, maybe I haven’t reached rock bottom yet. Unlike this girl:

Heath Ledger was not the typical Joker that Jack Nicholson portrayed in his prime. Look at him..dirty, scary, smelly and gay?? listen carefully, he made Joker the biggest joke of all batman franchise especially when he wore the nurse outfit then walked out after exploding the hospital… the accent resounds as if it goes straight from Brokeback Mountain’s parody(although his voice changed when he was raised upside down as if someone else dubbed that part when he might be already dead in real life) to match Christian’s tight-lip speaking manner as if he wears false teeth if not only gums tantamount to having hare lip and speech defect.


But still, I think I’m going through the worst bout of writer’s block ever. I actually try to write something, but dammit, I can’t write. Not a single sentence that I can be proud of.

I have loads to write about, like her, or Plurk, or those five stray dogs that made a home out of my front door and they keep me from entering my own house, or the rains and how they’re forcing me to avoid puddles that could actually be deep trenches that will lead to certain doom, or that time my band was jamming and some old guy tried to rock out with us, only to find out that it was actually Victor Wood.

But no, whenever I sit down to write, all I could come up is this:

ZOMG I dunno why this is so, but then, OMG, this lolcat is making lots of sense~ NOT! OMGWTFBBQ, wat iz wrong wit meeeeee???! DA BEST PA RIN ANG SAN JOAQUIN KALAWAAN HIGHSCHOOL;;;;;;;;; umbrella ella ella ella ella ella a a a a a tlga da bes un! bayang magiliw perlas ng silanganan alab ng puso sa dibdib mo’y buhay dba this eentry iz meking a lot of sense dba dba dba dba??//// tlga why iz this entry not awsom? kAiNiZ! wLa n tLgA me mAiSiP n mSuLaT!1 bKeT gNtO??? amfefe!


kMuZtAh nMaN uN? ~~~

So after I wrote the preceding paragraph I stared at it for a day and a half, trying to convince myself I was possessed by an illiterate ghost or I must be either be: a) drunk b) stoned c) retarded.

Well, I can’t be drunk, because I had a massive hangover when I wrote that. So that means I’m sober. Yeah. Shut up. And I’m definitely not stoned, because I haven’t snorted crushed Diatabs in ages. So that leaves me with only one possibility:

Afterwards, I proceeded to mentally kick myself in the ass for writing such lameness. And five jumps from my workplace’s 27th floor and twenty punches to my head later, I decided to give up.

So now I’m asking you people, what do you do during these writer’s block episodes?


  1. van

    i had a major headache after reading gracev15's post about the movie "The Dark Knight." The sadist in me made me read some more entry, which to my mistake, made my headache worse that I have to stop before I start hemorrhaging.

  2. Toe

    You're still funny during your worst writer's blocks. 🙂 Heeey… Victor Wood ha…haha… favorite siya ng lola ko. 🙂

    Toe's last blog post..Turtles Don’t Keep Junk in Their Closets

  3. Hmm, writer's block… I has it too. I find it easier to just give in to the block and not write.

    joyfulchicken's last blog post..Pussies and cocks

  4. I just keep posting about stuff I find in the web that I find interesting until an idea for a post pops up.

    Mark's last blog post..1/144 Daizengar!!!

  5. Plurk is evil. It has given everybody teh block.

    cigarette-girl's last blog post..sometimes I feel like talking about my day

    • Ade

      I know rite! Just like this. It took me two days to come up with this reply.

  6. Dude, if there's any blogger in history who suffered from writer's block more often than usual, that's probably me. Thing is, I'm not even a goddamn writer! I've been blogging since time immemorial (well, actually more than 3 years but I've been finding out ways to use the word "immemorial" so I thought its about time) but my blog posts are only 130!!! Do you know how effed up it is? Dammit! I usually let it do its thing on me while I continue with my life, looking for things to write about, jotting them down. When I feel like writing again. I just write. Whatever. However. Ostensibly!!!

    Who's that girl who wrote that thing? She needs a good spanking. In the butt. Preferably in a room. And inebriated. Undressed, perhaps.

    marvin's last blog post..This Is NOT A Review Of The Dark Knight Because I Suck Writing Reviews


    Anyway, writer's block, based on my experience, is not really a condition you can squeeze yourself out of. Really, you have to just wait it out. Or distract yourself. Because the more you complain about writer's block, the more you acknowledge it, the more it grows! So just do what you do on a normal day and don't think about it. Eventually that block will fade away. 🙂

    But really, you got to write just now so maybe you're already getting better. 🙂

    • Ade

      I know. I swear, it's really frustrating when you HAVE to write and nothing comes out.

  8. Victor Wood trying to jam with your band? Awesomeness. Well, like it or not he's still an artist.

    Usually, I stare at the laptop for 1 hour doing deep breaths then, check my mob wars in facebook, repeat the deep breaths until enough oxygen has entered my brain so, either I write something or fall asleep. Usually, I fall asleep hence the empty blog and my fat belly from all the sleeping I get.

    I got fat because of writers block. =(

    • Ade

      Actually, meeting Victor Wood was kind of awesome. He hung out with us for like two hours or so. We were tempted to ask him about Madame Auring, but we decided against it.

      • What a feat! I couldn't have kept myself from asking Mr. Wood about Madame Auring. Ade, you have superpowers!

        As for blogging block, good for you, boy. (Just between you and me, I know no respectable person who blogs regularly… much less daily. Shhhhh!) (…wait, that means you're supposed to be blogging daily!?! What's wrong with you, boy?)

        Keyser's last blog post..Happy: An open letter to my wife

  9. I don't know but maybe that girl had a crush on Jack Nicholson or something, but Heath's performance as the Joker was by far the most awesome, sickening and scary yet.

    If you haven't suffered from psychotic bouts then you'd never fully understand the Joker's character and how Heath Ledger gave justice to the role.

    Wait. It means I've been a psycho before?! *gasp*

  10. Well at least you can still blog about having writer's block, as for me, nothing just comes out. Hence the poor blogging these days.. hmpf!

    Juice's last blog post..Dancing Slow Orders

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