Malu Fernandez Hits Bloggers

After the OFW brouhaha, Malu Fernandez has once again tried to ruffle everyone’s feathers by being as tactless as she hits this time, the people who brought that issue into the open – bloggers. In her latest article, “The Problem With Blogging…“, she says:

I believe in the freedom of speech. By all means say what you need to say. Unfortunately for most of the bloggers without advertising you get paid nothing. If in fact you do get paid then hooray for you. But blogging, aside from Perez Hilton and the other big time bloggers (you know who you are) is for me a slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect. Unless you’re in bloody Siberia or in a Gulag prison, try stepping outside your comfort zone and turn off the laptop or pc, you just might find some real live people to talk to instead of typing away in cyber space.

Okay, I admit I refused to comment on the issue the first time it came out because, honestly, I find it LOL. Her original article was in bad taste and all and I refuse to give her justification of any kind by commenting on it. Same as now. I’m just LOL-ing at it and shrugging it off.

But I’m curious. What do YOU think of this whole Malu Fernandez versus the bloggers thing?


  1. Malu doesn't want to admit it but she was blogging when she wrote that. The difference? She has the national broadsheet sites to publish her shit. We only got our personal domains.

    Minsan talaga, petsa lang ang tama sa dyaryo.

    Jayvee's last blog post..Lakers? 4-game road trip recap

  2. Ann

    Bitter much? hahahaha XD

    She does realize that bloggers are basically writers, right? lolz

  3. So what? Is she/one person to dictate what we do? I don't think so. She may have some point, but her article seems to openly criticize all bloggers no matter their intention.

    jatdacanay's last blog post..Bargain Hunting?

  4. D

    I think she purposefully writes articles that she knows will elicit anger in her target demographic so she'll be talked about. Meh, I say ignore the fat pig.

  5. Really now, she can write? I clicked on the link and read the title then left the web site. She doesn't even know how to use punctuation marks properly. You'd think maybe the editors of her paper (if they could even afford some) don't really give a damn or just didn't pass high school English. Malu Fernandez is a moron.

  6. nice one mark!


    is that a newspaper article that i just read?

    i thought it was a blog post!

    i can't believe how senseless that was…

    she's contradicting herself… yan yung mga bagay na basta may masulat ka lang to shake things up (to get paid also) kasi alam mong may matatamaan at alam mong may magrereact…

    what's the difference between a blogger and a journalist anyway… both can write, both can speak up… standard? what standard? showbiz standard? write anything to get attention?

    i'm a blogger, this is not my job, i write because i want to, i don't get paid, and i don't receive a text message in the morning, get up to check up on a blog post and if i don't like it, write an article on national paper how i don't like it! and blame everyone else who does the same~

    sorry for the long comment, i really don't like people who thinks they are credible enough to say anything and point fingers at the same time!

    roiji's last blog post..Running FlickrUploadr on Linux ? Firefox!

  7. Slacker job? Wow. As if she doesn't slack on her content. It's pointless talking to idiots like her. Makes me wonder if she was dropped when she was a baby. Probably stepped on also, for good measure. Shame she survived.

    Mark's last blog post..Soul Calibur 4: Bigger Than Ever?Really!

  8. "…slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect."

    Maki's last blog post..Janina San Miguel Phone Interview with Mo Twister

  9. shes proving anyone with the keyboard is/was stupid.

    ikabon's last blog post..walang katulad Pacquiao

  10. tse! lol.

    Laarni's last blog post..Burn your money with th!nkFab

  11. this looks exciting 🙂

    dimaks's last blog post..Redemption

  12. Ok, I don't think I'm too crazy about the title. "Hits" bloggers? That sounds really erotic. Must remove nasty images.

    Nightdreamer's last blog post..Zzz

  13. Let's give the ignoramus some credit. Her efforts to appear intelligent will make other fools believe her.

    It is frustrating that morons like that write in paper, I know bloggers who can write better.

    jeeper's last blog post..Sorry, Customer Service

  14. I refuse to accept Perez Hilton as a big time blogger. =P

  15. i am not a writer by profession but i do appreciate well written literature in all forms, kahit komiks pa.

    malu's articles never did appeal to me (at least the only 2 i read hehehe). that being said, her words are just that – words, useless, senseless words.

    un lang 🙂

    sushi's last blog post..massage beds – bad for me boobies

  16. What Joni Mitchell said.

    Nightdreamer's last blog post..Fanboy-Gushing?!

  17. I think we should invite her to one of our blogger parties, sit her down, and have a nice heart-to-heart talk with her! I haven't witnessed a catfight in a very long time.

  18. four words for Malou: wax on, wax off.

    since she's an social climbing attention whore like that, maybe the Brian Gorrell guy can spare some energy to write about her too? I'm sure Tim Yap & co. wouldn't mind sharing some of that Gorrell love

    Jeff's last blog post..Scrabble is the new instrument of greed

  19. I would just want to laugh it out than giving her attention 😀

    karla's last blog post..Manipulator by Inyo

  20. ksp

    romy diaz's last blog

  21. Jay

    I'm also LOL-ing. Don't think people like that are even worth our time. Anyway thanks for visiting mate. Cheers~!

    Jay's last blog post..Why Friendster Is Losing Out to Facebook

  22. I can't care less about her. She's just trying to get back at bloggers, because bloggers were at the upper hand when she wrote that stupid article before.

    Juice's last blog post..That Astrology Thing

  23. Malu ain't got nothing on Bloggers. I barely finished reading her article as I can't stop cringing at how she butchered the written English language. Haven't she heard of punctuations? It makes me wonder how on earth an ignorant like that can get away writing for a newspaper.

    WiLL's last blog post..The Last Straw

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