Stuff is Robbing me of my Dignity

So the other day I got me a account, mainly because I want to be cool and shit. Also, joining a 3-year old social network that everyone else is tired of is, well, how I roll. Shut up. Anyway, I wanted to prove to my friends how badass and awesome my musical taste is, so would showcase my awesome indie playlist, full of Cloud Cult and other bands that you couldn’t even pronounce. Also some bands you haven’t heard of. (Because I made them up) Besides, a bassist like me should have a testimony of his coolness on the interwebs, somewhere. That could get me laid with an indie girl somewhere. And I could say I’m friends with John Lennon.

This picture was totally not modified in any way

I digress.

Anyway, I signed up for (actually I signed up again, because I can’t remember the login I used last year) and I scrobbled up all the awesomest songs I could find on my PC. Then I went to work, playing mp3s on shuffle, as usual. When work as finished, then came bragging time: I buzzed the girlfriend over (and over and over and over and- you get the point) on YM and told her to check my playlist.

Yel: So what’s the point of this exercise again?
Ade: I want you to see how cool and awesome my playlist is.
Ade: What the heck are you talking about?
Yel: What awesome playlist? Seriously, Ade, this is what you consider awesome? How the heck could shit like Hall & Oates be awesome?!
Yel: You know, these guys:

Yel: Suuuuuure Ade. Say that over and over again and maybe, just maybe, somebody would believe you.
Ade: Shu— shut up.

So I hurriedly went and checked my account. I mean, WTF? Hall and Oates? And what the heck happened to The Beatles? This is all too much. It’s impossible. I listen to cool music, yo! Really cool music that the hipsters and really cool people listen to. I don’t have fugly music in my playlist! I don’t!

Come on people, just look at my playlist. It’s aweso–

Ade’s totally awesome playlist!111one m/

… well, FUCK.

So guys, I think I need help. Can you like recommend me some good shit to listen to? Seriously. My is beyond repair and I just need to listen to some good shit lest I bring out the Barbara Streisand’s Greatest Hits CD once again. And maybe you’d like to add me so you can laugh at my mp3 collection. I mean, we all need more people to laugh at us, right?


  1. Robbing you of WHAT???

    <abbr>Keyser´s last blog post..That sometimes you begin to wonder what the Great Wall is made of</abbr>

  2. I tawt I taw a Bakstweet Boyts ter.

    *looks back*

    I did! I did! I did taw a Bakstweet Boyts!!


    I'm going to give you a hug for the More Than Words by Extreme though~~ ♥

    <abbr>Euri´s last blog post..Halloween 2008</abbr>

  3. Um… I like half the songs on your list. I'm not even joking.

    Now I feel sad for having such horrible taste in music.

    <abbr>joyfulchicken´s last blog post..J-Robot reports: "art billboards"</abbr>

  4. I don't get it. What's wrong with that playlist?

    <abbr>Baddie´s last blog post..Hulkified Baddie</abbr>

  5. This happened to me, too, only I wasn't aware of it. My sister was listening to her kickass music, and when I looked over her head (she was using my laptop) – the icon was on the system tray. I panicked! Yeah, I did. I had to quit the application right then and there.

    <abbr>Miss Dré´s last blog post..What’s at the end of a rainbow?</abbr>

  6. …And I thought we could be friends. :'-(

    <abbr>Jewel´s last blog post..And I thought the money was enough to keep me.</abbr>

  7. Ade, if you want to start on a clean slate you can also use the profile editor to delete the shiz that you don't want on your profile. We went through the same as Last.FM starters. But luckily the profile editor was there to save me from music from Spongecola and Hale.

  8. Recommends The Holiday soundtrack. And maybe The Little Things – Danny Elfman (from the Wanted soundtrack).

    I can has a lot of music D:

    I dun have a account though LOLx :">

    <abbr>Tiffy´s last blog post..Recipe | 15-minute Pasta</abbr>

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