It seemed like a really good idea at the time: the Vibra-Finger Gum Massager

Brand Manager: But sir… don’t you think this product can be used in another way than we intended? You know, like somwehere-

CEO: I think not! Why the hell would anyone use a vibrating finger massager for anything else than the gums?

Brand Manager: …

CEO: Imagine how the finger will gently massage the soft, pink gums of our users.

Brand Manager: …

CEO: Have you no faith that these finger massagers will not work on the delicate pink areas of our users?

Brand Manager: …

CEO: Can’t you see how pleasurable an experience this finger massager will be? Don’t you want to insert this massager into your-

Brand Manager: Okay, fine you win. We sell your stupid finger-massager.

CEO: By the way, can you give me a couple of those? The wife loves these finger massagers so much she wears them out too quickly.

Brand Manager: Let me guess, you have erectile dysfunction?

CEO: Why… why yes. How’d you know?

Brand Manager: Can’t… talk… having… stroke…

By the way, my band has an upcoming gig this Friday. Try to drop by.


  1. waaaah! aylabet! nyahaha! san mo naman nahagilap to ade? at don't tell me meron ka nito? hehehe! 😛

  2. Haha, LOL at this entry, nakakatuwa ah! As in, haha 🙂

  3. sana nga sa ilong gamitin… hahaha… nice post..

  4. I don't want to change mine yet. This product may have some bugs and leaks. I'll wait for the version 2.0 of this.

  5. I wonder what will David Hasselhoff think of this product?

    But hey, it would help those who lost their fingers in firecracker accident pick their nose. And massage whatever part of their anatomy as they please.

    • I like the idea of an automatic nose picker. Yay for laziness.

      • Ade

        Now THAT's a good idea. I wonder who'll loan me the capital money.

        • No one in the right mind would loan you money Ade, you might just spend it on some cheap p0rn or dibidis from Quiapo then lock yourself up once more in your basement.

    • Ade

      David Hasselhoff would just give it to that short guy from Air Supply and they’d have hours of happy time together.

  6. CM

    May kuko pa talaga no? I wonder how repressed the inventor was.

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