Brand Manager: But sir… don’t you think this product can be used in another way than we intended? You know, like somwehere-

CEO: I think not! Why the hell would anyone use a vibrating finger massager for anything else than the gums?

Brand Manager: …

CEO: Imagine how the finger will gently massage the soft, pink gums of our users.

Brand Manager: …

CEO: Have you no faith that these finger massagers will not work on the delicate pink areas of our users?

Brand Manager: …

CEO: Can’t you see how pleasurable an experience this finger massager will be? Don’t you want to insert this massager into your-

Brand Manager: Okay, fine you win. We sell your stupid finger-massager.

CEO: By the way, can you give me a couple of those? The wife loves these finger massagers so much she wears them out too quickly.

Brand Manager: Let me guess, you have erectile dysfunction?

CEO: Why… why yes. How’d you know?

Brand Manager: Can’t… talk… having… stroke…

By the way, my band has an upcoming gig this Friday. Try to drop by.

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