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Inner Child Therapy: I'm Pretty Sure I Had A Witty Title For This But I Forgot

It’s been quite a while since we heard from my Inner Child, haven’t we? I honestly don’t know what to do with this next Inner Child Therapy session since I haven’t been emo and shit lately. I know, I know, the reason you return to this blog is that you wanna read up on my failures and now that I don’t carry a shitful of emo around my blog is extremely pointless to read.

Just to prove my point, here’s my traffic lately:


See the downward slope? That’s you people, telling me that my blog is useless without me documenting my many failures in life.

You guys suck.

Anyway, here’s me and my Inner Child, going at each other’s throats as usual. I swear, If he wasn’t all imaginary and subconscious-y, I’d have beaten him up a long time ago.

INNER CHILD: Oh crap, don’t tell me you wanna talk to me again.
ME: Oh yes I do. You see, I totally need you this time.
INNER CHILD: You always need me. But where the fuck are you whenever I need help?
ME: Look, when did you ever ask me for-
INNER CHILD: That’s not the point. The thing is you’re never there when I need help because-
ME: Again: you have never asked me for help. Not once.
INNER CHILD: Again: that is not the fucking point.
ME: …
ME: What the fuck is your point, then?
INNER CHILD: My point is that you whack off way too much at your extensive collection of Maria Ozawa videos.

Maria Ozawa

ME: That just did not make any sense.
INNER CHILD: Of course it doesn’t.
ME: Then what the hell-
INNER CHILD: Anyway, burn me a DVD?
ME: …
ME: … fine.
INNER CHILD: Okay, so what do you need me for?
ME: I have a joke!
ME: A joke! You know, those things that make people laugh.
INNER CHILD: Your face makes me laugh.


ME: … But that isn’t exactly what I meant.
INNER CHILD: Ade’s face. Joke. What’s the difference?
ME: And what about you? You know what your face is?
ME: Stupid.
INNER CHILD: Why oh why do I ever put up with you?
ME: Because you’re part of my subconscious and you have no other choice?
ME: But I was just telling you the truth!
INNER CHILD: Again: Ass. Not good enough for you? Okay. Asshole.
ME: I… uh… what?
INNER CHILD: Let’s try it in French: trou du cul.
ME: But-
INNER CHILD: Or maybe German: Arschloch.
ME: Yes, but-
INNER CHILD: Or Bulgarian: guzica.
ME: Um…
INNER CHILD: Or Dutch: lul
ME: … lul? The fuck?
INNER CHILD: Iunno, that’s what Google Translate told me.
ME: For the love of god, I just wanted to tell a joke.
INNER CHILD: Why didn’t you say so?
ME: I don’t know, I think it had something to do with “your face makes me laugh” or something like that.
ME: Don’t you wanna hear the joke?
INNER CHILD: *sigh* What else can I do. Since we’re stuck with each other for the rest of our lives, let’s just get this done and over with.
ME: Okay! So… *chuckes*
ME: I’m sorry! This joke just cracks me up.
INNER CHILD: Okay okay, it’s funny. I get it.
ME: *chuckles*
ME: Okay. Sorry. *chuckles*
ME: Okay! So… *chuckes* what do you – *chuckles* – what do you call a – *chuckles* – a gangster that’s been planted in cement and thrown off a – *chuckes* – thrown of a bridge?
ME: Aw c’mon, don’t you get it? It’s funny!
ME: It’s BADA-BISH! Where’s that drummer? BADA-BISH! Drummer! Come on!

... meh.

INNER CHILD: I’m outta here.
ME: Wait! I haven’t gotten to the knock-knock jokes yet!


  1. haha, you're funny 🙂

  2. ROFLMAO!!

    Hmm… I missed you and your blog.

    Euri's last blog post..Wanted: Host

  3. Why do I have the feeling your own real child will be exactly like your inner child? LOL

  4. LUL- Hahahaha!

  5. When are you ever gonna wake up?! That inner child ain't yours!

    Keyser's last blog post..Happy: An open letter to my wife

  6. Wow, your inner child rocks! You should ask him to write for you one time :p

    philos's last blog post..My Lakbayan grade is C-!

    • Ade

      I hate that kid. If he takes over this blog, he'll be writing nonstop about tentacle porn.

  7. LUL — I mean, LOL.

    Jewel's last blog post..Manga Me

  8. Hey, I LOL'ed (in my head) at the "hardened criminal" joke.

    Noelle De Guzman's last blog post..Frozen Moment

    • Ade

      My inner child says "magsama kayo ni Ade. Meh."

      … I hate that little bugger.

  9. Maria Ozawa is hot, but like all Japanese porn stars, she has blurry genitals. It's weird.

    joyfulchicken's last blog post..The 50% off conspiracy

  10. HUHLOLZ!!

    Also, I miss Maria Ozawa. Can I borrow her from you?

    avatar's last blog post..63. Severe – One Word Wednesday!!!

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