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Inner Child Therapy: Emo

I dunno if it’s the weather, or the season, or just whatever, but I am again going through another bout of emo. I mean, it’s crappy and all when I’m in the middle of an insulting session with some fairy midget and then suddenly my life flashes before my very eyes:

Yeah, my life just bored the living hell out of those three Caucasians, and I don’t even know them. See, my life’s exciting like that. And for that very reason, depression comes in. And whenever I get depressed, there’s no better way to prove I’m slowly losing my grip on reality, I’ll again talk to an imaginary vestige of my subconscious. So guys, say hello to my inner child. He’s right here beside me. Can’t you see him? No? Freaks.


INNER CHILD: I hear you’ve been going through a lot of emo lately?
ME: How’d you know?
INNER CHILD: I’m residing in your your subconscious, duh.
ME: Oh yeah–
ME: Kid, in case you’re forgetting, this is my blog and I don’t like to be humiliated here by an underage fraction of my subconscious.
INNER CHILD: I know. Because you’re doing that too well on your own.
ME: …
INNER CHILD: So what am I doing here again?
ME: As you mentioned earlier, I’m going through some emo shit and some existential angst.
INNER CHILD: So how am I supposed to help you with that?
ME: I dunno. You’re the inner child! Think up of ways!
INNER CHILD: “I dunno. You’re the inner child! Think up of ways!” Geez, you make it sound like us inner children have answers to all of life’s questions.
ME: But isn’t that what they all say? Feed your inner child, make him/her happy, you become happy too? Aw c’mon, don’t tell me that the money I spent on comics didn’t even make you happy one bit?
INNER CHILD: Baby Jesus would be ashamed of you.
ME: What? I thought you like comics.
INNER CHILD: No. I like anime.
ME: Wait. Anime? But I hate anime. How can you like something I hate? Aren’t you like, a reflection of me or something?
ME: Right? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be? Me, only more retarded?
INNER CHILD: Just that fact I’m being compared to you makes me feel so worthless.
ME: Wait, how can you be not compared to me? You’re my frigging subconscious! You know life sucks a lot when your inner child himself is ashamed of you.
INNER CHILD: So tell me again, why do you talk to me when all I do is make fun of you and all?
ME: …I have absolutely no idea.
INNER CHILD: Sucks to be you, right?
ME: …
INNER CHILD: So what’re you emo about again?
ME: You know those times when you just get depressed for no apparent reason? And then you suddenly laugh? And cry?
INNER CHILD: No, but I’ll try to pretend to understand what you’re saying for the sake of empathy.
ME: Think about it. I think I’m becoming bipolar, and you don’t mind?
INNER CHILD: Why should I even care about you being bipolar? I mean, you suffer, I don’t.
ME: You seriously don’t get it do you?
INNER CHILD: What’s not to get? My life’s simple: I get cotton candy. I run in the meadows. I wank off my uncircumcised underaged patootie to La Blue Girl. Life’s peachy.
ME: If I get depressed, my psyche will be damaged.
ME: You’re part of my psyche, right?
INNER CHILD: Yes.. oh.
ME: Now you get it.
INNER CHILD: Holy shit.
ME: Lollerskates.
INNER CHILD: But this sucks. I mean, I don’t mind you going crazy and drowning in loony juice, but c’mon, you didn’t have to get me involved! I hate you!
ME: There, there. Everything’ll be alright.
INNER CHILD: No it won’t! You frigging nutcase! You’ll destroy me! You and your stupid emo moments!
ME: Didn’t you know? You were supposed to cheer me up. But where were you all this time I was asking for help?
ME: That’s right, you were off watching tentacle rape movies somewhere.
INNER CHILD: My life sucks.
ME: Tell me about it. Also, you made mine worse. Much, much worse.
INNER CHILD: (tears welling up in eyes, lips quivering) B-b-b-b-but…
ME: Know that cold, awkward feeling in your gut? The feeling that your soul is shrinking? The feeling that you just cause irrepairable damage to someone’s psyche and you can never get things to go back the way they used to be? That’s what we call guilt.
INNER CHILD: (wails loudly, runs off into my room)
ME: That’s it, cry like a kid! And I know you’re watching La Blue Girl again, get out of my room, you perv!
INNER CHILD: (from inside my room) I HATE YOU!
ME: I said no porn in my room! Get out, dammit!
INNER CHILD: (from inside my room) NO!
ME: Jeezus, you’re such a fun soul to be around, do you know that?

Does your inner child treat you like shit? Tell me all about it.


  1. wakokokoko…shoutout! im trying to have a 2nd comeback to the blogging world…hehe

  2. I have spent 15 minutes thinking of something interesting to say so I can sneakily get views on my blog, but I've given all that up now. Please click my name for some blog loving. Thanks.

  3. I think the current state of my life is more worrisome than yours… Just recently, I awoke to the voice of a 3-inch talking ceramic dog who said, "Wake up. The Cowboy needs milk." I was having one of those half-asleep/awake moments.

    I don't know what the dog meant, but it's disturbing. 😛

  4. Wow… and I thought my inner child was bad. Maybe you should just give in to your inner child. Maybe you two could have some bondage… uhm… bonding sessions while watching La Blue Girl. That's what I did. Now look, even my inner child doesn't want to see me.

  5. your inner child is something. He's been spoiled too much, maybe?

  6. Comment by post author


    [quote comment="76899"]Trust me ade, you don't want to know about inner child.

    Though he has kinda got out of me and forced me to start a new blog. It launches in the mid-October! Finally![/quote]

    Awesomeness! I guest blog kk?

    [quote comment="76912"]Ade, I think you're having PMS.

    I watched La Blue Girl once and I freaked out. Haha.[/quote]

    I did too, but the freaking out was of a different manner. I shut up now before I repel more women away.

    [quote comment="77035"]But you treated YOUR inner child like shit. :p[/quote]

    But he did it first! 🙁

    [quote comment="77069"]what's his name again? Larry right?[/quote]

    He used to be called Larry, but now he prefers to be called by "Andrei" or some other gay-ish name like that.

  7. what's his name again? Larry right?

  8. But you treated YOUR inner child like shit. :p

  9. Pinkingrid

    My inner child says "Let's go and read Sweet Valley High again and get all tensed up with the lives of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield." OMG. Sorry I really am in SVH-Nostalgic-mode lately

  10. Ade, I think you're having PMS.

    I watched La Blue Girl once and I freaked out. Haha.

  11. Trust me ade, you don't want to know about inner child.

    Though he has kinda got out of me and forced me to start a new blog. It launches in the mid-October! Finally!

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