I never blog about work. You see, the last thing I want to see on my desk on a Monday morning would be a printed screenshot of my blog with a pink post-it attached to it with the words “YOU ARE FUCKING FIRED” hastily scrawled on it by my boss who probably was suffering a heart attack while he was writing it.

But this time I guess it’s time to finally put off that one rule because I made a decision I was putting off doing for the longest time. Remember thing I wanted to have #1? Last February 6, I filed my letter of resignation. In case you didn’t know (or care), I spent the last year and nine months working for one of the call centers in Ortigas, doing rotating gigs in the night, reverse-mid, and morning shifts, and taking in calls like this:

Ade: Now, sir, if you just very kindly right click on the icon-
Idiot: You mean right click?
Ade: Yes.
Idiot: Ah. Right click?
Ade: Yes, sir.
Idiot: Okay. Right click?
Ade: Yeeeees.
Idiot: Right click?
Ade: Yes.
Idiot: Did you just say right click?
Ade: … yeah.
Idiot: Right click?
Idiot: Left or right?

I actually have no regrets whatsoever working in the industry, and would actually recommend it to anyone willing to sell their soul to Lord Satan for night differential (just kidding boss I need my backpay ktnxbai). But seriously though, it’s not for me. If you can stand being in a cubicle taking in an average of 20 calls per day doing the same fucking thing ad nauseam, then good for you. Seriously.

Fat people included

Maybe I was too unfair. Calling my job monotonous is a little too hasty. A lot of people find the industry enjoyable. In fact, any job would probably entail you to do monotonous tasks every now and then. Yes, even blogging. Because if you get the urge to write something just for the sake of updating and not because you want to write, I would suggest you unplug the computer and start immersing yourself in what we call “real life”.

But I digress.

Off the top of my head, these are the reasons why I decided to finally quit:

  • Health: I’m a night person, but six months of sleep deprivation, fatigue, and eating nothing but Mini Stop Siopao did wonders for my health. In fact, I believe I shaved five years off my lifespan!
  • Stress: Let’s say you go to work with only two hours of sleep because you needed to have a social life or else you go insane. Then you find out that you have 40 calls waiting. If your blood pressure does not hit 140/90 by the third hour, you must either be the most patient person in the world or you must be Chuck Norris.
  • Family: Since I live my day backwards, I usually sleep when everyone at home is awake. One day my younger brother almost called the cops because a strange man was using the computer in the living room, only to realize that he had another older brother.
  • Social Life: I didn’t know that this friend got pregnant or that this couple are married already and that this other friend has died already because, guess what, I was fucking asleep when it happened or when the news first broke! This Ade guy, whatta left behind by chismis.

Well, from what I’ve written so far you’d probably think I have nothing but hatred for call centers. Far from true. I still owe my workplace my eternal gratitude after the last company I was with folded up and I was left broke and jobless for a good four months. And of course, I got to work with a lot of awesome people. In fact, when I filed my resignation, I just knew that I’ll miss these people. Seriously, resigning isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when you have to leave such wonderful people behind.

Oh wait, did you just say “Stop being such a nostalgic emofag, Ade! What about the women”? Let’s not get started on the women. The smoking area is teeming with them, women from that other call center in my building. Yes. Other call center. Strangely, my workplace seems to have an aversion to hot women. The only hot women I see in the office have penises. (Again, I keed. Please, good HR director, I beg of you: don’t withhold my backpay.)

But you, know, as they say, all good things must come to an end. And when you’re at your cubicle, wondering what the hell it is you’re doing with your life, I guess it would be a good time to move on. It has been a rough and wild ride, call center industry. It was fun while it lasted.

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