If you’ve been reading my blog (I’m pretty sure you don’t. Ass.), you would probably figure out that this blog is a chronicle of my failures and embarrassments, and that I’m pretty sure I just lost all chances of getting a girlfriend or even future employment because of what I’ve been writing. Hence, I felt the need to not embarrass myself in real life and limit my (mis)adventures on the interwebs. This decision directly resulted in my not leaving home and just generally spend my life in front of my PC, downloading Maria Ozawa videos.

But I probably snapped by the 400th hour and gave up on this whole blogging hermit thing. So I decided to stop being such a social wallflower and decided to go to some blog events.

As promised, I did show up at iBlog 4, albeit late for like 6 hours. I did manage to catch the speeches of Noemi Dado and Ria Jose. I only managed to say a quick “Hi!” to Ria before she got whisked off by men in black suits and sunglasses for photos and autographs and shit like that (what an in-demand this Ria Jose is).

Isaw, we has it (photo by Maki)

I also saw Maki, Cai, Madz, Mica, BA, Tita Dine, Ting, Ozy, Kai, Uretz, Darwin, AJ, Juned, Luis, Jonel, among other bloggers. Ladies, sorry if I freaked you out and all. I promise to not eat five sitcks of isaw in under three seconds again. It was also nice seeing Liz again and knowing that she’s never changed, especially after she debated for like two hours straight with Ozy. Poor Ozy. He was such a nice kid.

And I noticed that a lot, and I do mean a LOT of i.PH bloggers are attending these events. Awesome right?

Also, yay for awkward conversations:

Liz: (poking my arm) “See, unlike Ting who seems to get toppled everytime I do this to him, nothing’s happening to Ade.”
Me: (grinning like a sonofabitch) “Something’s happening alright.”

I promptly won a painful kick in the shins.

Later that day, I met up with TMB people (The Mordo, Jen, The Bim, Fritz, Marco The Site Guy, Mike “Fucking” Villar, Anne, LOLga [is your hair even real?], LOLen, Koryn and Penny) at Katip’s for the afterparty, erstwhile dubbed as the 88db.com Bloggers’ Night. They said that you should come as your blog. Since “Noisy, Noisy Man” would be really hard to make a costume for, Bim had an awesome idea: why not dress as The Man Blog instead? Sadly, security did not let us walk around Katip’s with our penises hanging out of our pants. Iknowrite.

In the party, I met and/or hung out with Blogie, Lorna, Marcelle, Luis, Pierre, P0yt, Kring, Joe, Benj, Coy, Shari, Janette Toral, Markku, Jeff and The Chicken Mafia (awesome costume! Congrats for winning the PSP guys!).

I failed to mention that I haven’t had a drink in like weeks. So when free beer was announced I was scrambling to get one and I probably elbowed some poor blogger in the nose so I could get three beers which I drank in one sitting.

And at the end of the party, my band, Lose Your Beer Belly (plus LOLen; it was her first gig with us) was there and we proceeded to rock. Well I tried to rock, except I was piss drunk.

Photos by Jayvee

Thanks by the way to Aileen Apolo and 88db.com for giving us the chance to play.

So I went home at 3 am drunk, tired, voiceless (because I screamed my lungs out the entire night. Come as your blog, remember?), shins aching, but generally a happy camper.

Also, I know I left out loads of people, so if I failed to mention you in the entry, sorry in advance and leave a comment so I can give you some link love.

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Videos of LYBB playing, yo!

iBlog4 reflections

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