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I Went to the Trinoma Bloggers Food Tour and I Got Nothing to Show for It

So I was writing about the recent Trinoma Blogger Food Tour which I recently participated in, right? I was in the middle of a five-paragraph, 1,500 word article which I slaved over for two days already.

I actually wrote an awesome entry about the awesome people I hung out with (Lauren, Fritz, Noemi, Juned, Jayvee, Jonas, Eric, AJ) and the awesome people I met (Kring, Coy, Dementia, and that girl blogger in glasses who I never actually got to know the name of but I made a fool out of myself in front of her all the same), the awesome band Sound (which, incidentally, is my favorite band – read my review of their 2nd album) and of course the food! Food, glorious food!

I mean, just look at this nifty piece of kit:


I mean, they even come in pairs! Exactly just like scrotum! Talk about awesome, right?

So I was almost done through the article until I somehow acted stupid and I accidentally pressed this button:

Which of course led to this:

And upon realization that some idiot did not press this button:

That said idiot threw a frenzied scream of agony and attempted to throw laptop out of the window. But he was restrained by some seven burly men who kept on saying “Don’t worry, if we don’t make eye contact it’s not gay”. So instead the idiot logged on to Twitter and posted this:

So yeah, I got nothing. Well, nothing, except maybe this:

Which is sad. In a sexual kind of way. I go nao.

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Pictures of the awesome food tour can be found here.

Here are the participants of the Food Tour:
Ade Magnaye of Noisy, Noisy Man
Aileen Apolo of An Apple a Day
Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. of Alfredology
Alma Karina Ramos of Kankunis
Alvin Kim Tian Chua of AQC
Angel Juarez of Color Me Bleue
Ann Capistrano of Blogger Food Tour. Eat for FREE!!!
Annabel Callos Choy of Sui Generis
Ariel James “AJ” Matela of Bakla Ako, May Reklamo?
Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’s Merryland
Belle Baldoza of cubaokiddiekiss
Benjamin Noel Espina of Atheista
Brian King Ong of I am Super!
Catherine Jane Copaway of Cathietotzkie
Charmagne Feria of Memeticz
Charmaine Cabugnason of An eccentric destination in Wonderland
Cheekie Albay of theprodigalsunday
Chrissie Mata of kitchen cow
Christine Arteta of Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic
Clarissa Estuar of Clarissa’s Site
Denise Marie Francisco of
Edgardo Tulabut of Are You the Foot Faerie?
Ernesto G. Sonido Jr. of [email protected]
Eugene Valencia of Virtual Inc.
Ferdinand Capistrano of Blogger Food Tour. Eat for FREE!!!
Fritzie Ann Revilla of L’Ange Bleu
Georg Nava of Wanderlusts and Fancy Flights
Gwen Nava of thegrapebunch
Hannah Lim Co of get in my head
Hedrick Jan P. Cabrera of The Dork Factor
Iggy Javellana of Sensible Netnonsense
Jay de Jesus of The DJ who’s not a DeeJay
Jayvee Fernandez of A Bugged Life
Jeffrey Villafranca of FireEyedBoy
Jehzeel Laurente of Jehzlau Concepts
Jillianne Kho of sweetdew
Jo Anne A. Sison of sanmig
Joann Divinagracia of Life and love
John Andrew Camposano of Something Like The Sun
Jonas de los Reyes of Techievangelism
Jonas Diego of The Blurb!
Jonas G. Roque of j o n a s . p h
Joriben F. Zaballa of Jori’s entertainment journal
Jose Mari Cariaga of Dipsoul Scribbles v14.0
Jose Mari M. Carlos of Java Joe’s Koffee Korner
Jose Paulo Punzalan of Jeyps’ Site
Joseph Christian Ylagan Datinguinoo of Sephthedreamer
Juan Karlo Licudine of
Juliet Cabugnason of Multiply shared Blog
Karen E. Naquita of Kurdapying
Katrina B. Atanacio of El Despertar
Katrina Inocencio of Broadcast Letters On Grid
Kristine Michelle L. Santos of Punked Noodle
Laszlo A. Lim of …does anybody remember laughter…
Lauren Dado of Pinoy Food
Lenard Aaron Po of Kontra-B
Lou William C. San Jose of And the World Continues to Turn…
Lu Jean Ong of Everything About Nothing At All
Maria Dolores Lateo of Thoughts of a Noodle
Maria Theresa R. Termulo of Prudence and Madness
Maribeth Mauricio of Clarisse1
Marlon ”Lalon” dela Rosa of The Thumbsucker
Mary Ann Mabuti of The first time
Maverick Grande of Maverick | Blogs @ Blogsp
Maxine Anne T. Pinson of just me
Michael Arteta of Red Hot Chili Sugar
Michael Conrad M. Ronquillo of HobbySnacks
Mira Brazil of Victory’s Site
Neil Brian Bernardo of ES2PIDO|Estudyanteng Pinoy Dormitorian
Nerisa L. Almo of nherz14
Nilo B. Baranda of N2DB
Noel P. Feria of The Armorer’s Codex
Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of Pinoy Food Blog
Noreen Capili of Mush Moods Madness and More
Omar Dela Paz Itay of ohmski & orgulaschubb
Paolo Marinduque of Your Mind Will Go Pi
Paul Vincent P. Rapatalo of Paul’s Blog
Philip Marco C. Caballes of CokskiBlue – Pinoy Vlogs, Videos, and Vodcasts
Phoebe R. Casipit of a never ending tale of my life
raceli G. Reyes of Araceli Gartner
Rafael V. Soriano of Life Goes On..
Rain Contreras of one pinoy pundit points and shoots
Renan Salvador Baluyut of Renzie’s Rants and Raves
Rens Sese of Pansit-eating, mader packer blog
Reynner M. Adonay of Reyn’s Room
Robby A. Cruz of / Welcome Yourself!
Robert DC. Reyes of TurfSite Manila
Rodney Paolo S. Lagman of The House Without Hue
Rommel Feria of Advocrazy
Ryan Joseph L. Ramos of Anatopism
Shabby Pablo of HYUKTAdotNET
Sharline Cruz of
Sheena Jeanne Krystle Elenzano of Funny Is The New Sexy
Therese Lorraine Tan Chua of theresechau’s Xanga Site
Valerie Jane J. Badon of Momsies Rock
Zaldy B. Dalisay of Major Says


  1. cherilou

    is this food expo?

    Sorry wrong page… I thougth it was a speedboat show.

  2. I feel like singing Salbakuta's. Only without love. Xp

    Neil's last blog post..mouse hunting

  3. Thanks to Trinoma, at last I've seen your manboobs.

    😛 lawlz

  4. Hello, it's me – the blogger girl in glasses. Hehe. I'll dance and make a fool of myself when you're around next time too. Quits lang. Nice meeting you by the way.

  5. Ade

    [quote comment="119152"]WHY. DID. I. NOT. KNOW. ABOUT. THIS.[/quote]

    I dunno! Why were you all not invited? 🙁

  6. where's jonas diego on the first pic? i missed out on meeting the two other jonas-es, my tukayo's 🙁

    orasid's last blog post..A Feeding Program For Bloggers

  7. Ade

    [quote comment="119172"]What Pau said. You know, about your belly and your supple breasts.[/quote]

    Just because YOU don't have breasts doesn't mean you can make fun of mine! 🙁

  8. What Pau said. You know, about your belly and your supple breasts.

    Baddie's last blog post..C.I.L.F.

  9. Pau

    Nothing to show for it except for your big fat belly and your man breasts.

    Seriously, I want everybody I know to inform me of another one of these or there are going to be murders committed.

    Pau’s last blog post..Pau’s Birthday Gift Roundup

  10. Happened to me once or twice before. Solution: Uninstall scribefire and vow never to use it again!

    Baklang AJ's last blog post..Lost


    alohapenny's last blog post..Their Thoughts

  12. Zat feekjur appears again!! Hahaha lol, dude that definitely sucks when it happens, makes you not wanna blog at all anymore.

    Juice's last blog post..Thoughts on Macworld 08

  13. yey! nice meeting you again!

    eric's last blog post..Sinulog Festival 2008 List of Participants

  14. Coy

    Haha! It just sucks whenever that happens. Oh well, let the others do the food blogging. LOL.

    Great to finally meet you Ade! And you're right, Sound is amazing! (Although, I think they were weirded out when Kring and the guys crazy-danced on their show for the video. LOL)

    Anyway, See you again on future events.


    Woah, I haven't seen that photo in a long time. Make another Jologs series, Ade. 😛

    Coy's last blog post..Episode 28: We Love Trinoma! (A Video Spoof)

  15. You are not made of WIN! What blogging platform is this anyway? WordPress?


    Those emo boys are my little brothers

    dementia's last blog post..Food Tourist

  16. SO. THAT'S. WHY. IT. TOOK. YOU. THAT. LONG. TO. POST. That actually kinda happened to me, except it was a segment for a show.

    ps: where's the gay porn here?

    FunnySexy's last blog post..Of FuBus, Domain Names and Loperamides

  17. So that's what you never got to save! Bummer man, I feel for you like a hoe. Wait, that doesn't make sense…

    Fritz's last blog post..Trinoma Bloggers? Food Tour gets fritzified

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