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I Think My Old Friends Are Scared Of Me

Little-known fact about me: I used to be part of UST’s Campus Ministry back in college. Yes, I used to volunteer and facilitate recollections, retreats, and similar activities. And yes, I also stood on stage and danced some charismatic songs in front of freshmen. And talked about Jesus and his love. A lot.

… Shut up.

I met some really good friends there, but unfortunately lost contact with most of them because of uncontrollable circumstances like graduating from college, my Yahoo! Messenger ID being hacked and the second YM ID crapping out, and subsequently losing my phone to a thief.

So apparently, I’ve evolved from being the “Kuya Ade” that everybody loves and runs to for advice to “Ade, that fat scary dude who writes borderline creepy shit on his blog”. No, seriously. You see, lately, I’ve been missing my college friends so much that I decided to look them up in Multiply and added them all.

And since I leave links from my Multiply to this blog every chance I can get, they stumbled upon some of my entries and I’ve been getting a deluge of messages from them that convey a sense of urgency and all.

Some messages like:

  • “What happened to you? You look like a tub of lard. Also, is that a heart attack?”
  • “You seriously need an exorcism soon.”
  • “… Schizo.”
  • “RAPIST! To think I gave you hugs back in college!” (this came from a guy)
  • “My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will punish you for the heresy you have just written.”
  • “Oi! Friendster testimonial ko?”

I really appreciate the concern and all, but aren’t we all going a wee bit overboard with this “Ade has changed and is now a creepy fat guy” thing? Because, seriously, I don’t feel any different at all. I’m just fatter. And sweatier. And has less inhibitions to commit sodomy. No, wait!

But yeah, I’m the same old Ade that you guys used to hang out with and made fun of all those years ago. C’mon guys, seriously. I could see the sign of the cross and the backwards step that you do everytime I try to go up to you.

What about you guys? Did you have people going up to you and telling you guys that you’ve changed and all?


  1. truly. i get this from people all the time. but the weird thing is, its the basic makeup of people to change, right. the good thing is you'll definitely know who your real friends are; they'll be the one who'll accept you no matter how weird you've become. cheers from a fellow thomasian! 😉

    caryn's last blog post..commercial muna!

  2. If they talk to you though, they'd realize you're still the same 'ol Catholic boy… 🙂 And we all love our boys Catholic. XD (Ask Selda, yeah.)

    Miss you, Adester!! Feel better!! >:D<

    FunnySexy's last blog post..My Own Koreanovela

  3. I've changed a lot – I smoked almost everything that's ought to be smoked (except the illegal stuff) and I drank almost everything that's alcoholic. And my eyebags decreased a little, and my cheeks grow outwardly LARGER than my manboobs, for chrissake.

    The pic freaked me outta bit. 😐 It has its own ghastly appearance, methinks.

    mentholGUY's last blog post..Missing Hershey, that New Yorker brown Labrador we have.

  4. just do things the way you think right. i bet you can still give the same kind of advises as before 🙂

    dimaks's last blog post..Firefox 3 On June 17th!

  5. thegreatest

    Bat di mo sinabi member ka pala ng gwapings.

  6. Campus Ministry?! Ahay. Used to be an active BLD member but didn't last long because most of them are hypocrites anyway. I'd rather stick to my beliefs.

    kimmy's last blog post..Sleep

  7. Theyre just protecting their burgers, Ade

    Helga's last blog post..“I LOVE THAT, PLEASE SEND!”

  8. I want you to post a solo college pic haha 🙂

    A lot of people said that I dress like a lady now haha and yes, i gained weight (naka-gain na ako ng weight sa lagay na ito LOL)

    Maybe you should exert some effort to lose some weight for health reasons na rin

  9. Hey!!! I was a highly inactive member of the Campus Ministry! I was one of those who dropped by for several days and never came back. It wasn't anything personal, I just couldn't spend after-school time in school. T__T

    I remember when I first read your blog. I was like "Si Kuya Ade ba toh? Seriously? WOW! I never knew he could write so well!!"

    hehehe ayun! XD

    Sorbetera's last blog post..Cabal Online Madness

  10. van

    You? A member of UST Campus Ministry? Seriously?

    *sign of the cross*


    I once joined AdMU campus ministry before. I attended one talk and it was about the virtue of waiting patiently for THE ONE. I quit right after. LOL

    van's last blog post..Commercial Break from the PMS

  11. I know what you mean. You're not alone, bud — there are other bad eggs in the basket with you. 😉

  12. There's quite a difference between "borderline" creepy and "actually" creepy, my friend.

  13. It's ok Papa Ade. I used to eat lunch very fast so I could pray the rosary with the nuns every day. And I wrote in one of my friend's autograph that my ambition is to be a nun. So there… PEOPLE CHANGE! 😀

    Ria Jose's last blog post..My Choice

  14. Bah! Don't listen to them, you're fine the way you are right now. It may scare the sh*t out of most single girls you encounter but hey, that's the way you are and we only have your childhood to blame for this, oh wait. I mean, you getting nostalgic and all and looking up your college buddies means something else dude.

    Looking for that old college love? Uuuuyyyyy! LOLZ

  15. you look wholesome then. not that you dont nymore.

  16. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're making Baby Jesus cry.

    joyfulchicken's last blog post..I can explain art

  17. oh, yes. ever since i left college, i've learned to comb my hair.

    little light's last blog post..PhotoHunt: Bad Hair

  18. yuh a lot of people say ive changed daw… but i think not.

    they just refuse to recognize na this time they are seeing a part of you that they never saw kahit na ganon ka naman mula noon pa. hahaha

    with the physical attributes, well… minsan sinasabihan nila akong chubby tapos biglang o bakit pumayat ka tapos ang chubby mo na naman… ganon lang. hahaha ;))

  19. V

    and ive changed too yeah. i was once a biologist then i decided to become a labandera. nyeahahaha 😀

    V's last blog post..pagkukumbaba

  20. V

    TV din ako dati. hindi lang ako active.

    hihi. salamat sa pagdaan sa 😉 balik ka!

    V's last blog post..pagkukumbaba

  21. Wow. I'm kinda shocked. I never knew Ade was part of some ministry let alone a religious one!!!! Spawnnnnnn 😛 hahaha.

    Juice's last blog post..A Butt Excuse

  22. I think we're really the last ones to realize we've changed. Sometimes, we even need someone to say so. 🙂

    Ang loser ng batch namin sa UST, walang retreat. Haha Sobrang busy with thesis and graduation, nakalimutan na ng council president mag-set ng sked for the retreat. Boo. :((

    mitch's last blog post..LOOK, A LOOKIST!

  23. you did not look like dominic ochoa then. maybe ochoa is really your evil alter-ego! exorcise and you go back to being the hundred or so lbs guy in the pic.

    cigarette-girl's last blog post..getting knotted, part 1

  24. WAW! I was a Thomasian volunteer. I signed up because it's a requirement for Theo 2. I still have their shirt though. haha

    Hener's last blog post..Eksena Manila: LRT Chorale (full version)

  25. Huwat? Totoo ba yan?? Lol. Medyo naka-relate ako, I used to be part of a campus ministry too. But unlike you, I haven't received those kinds of emails… yet. haha

  26. Is that photo taken in a retreat house in Antipolo?

    Anyhow, I know the feeling that people from the past see you as a completely different person but as far as I know, I still see the same possessed geek in the mirror, so it's all ok.

    joiz's last blog post..Death of a Phoenix

  27. Pau

    I think your friends ought to be more concerned by the fact that you had no shoes, or feet back in college.

    Pau's last blog post..Gettin’ Busy!

  28. Hey, I've known you as the Noisy dude ever since, and I think you need Jesus. So yeah, give your college friends some slack. Minion of Satan!

  29. No way! YOU'RE DOMINIC OCHOA?!?!?!! WAAAAH!!!

    (*screams fangayisms)


    A lot. Former pubmates and highschool classmates think I'm not serious in life anymore. More carefree, more vulgar, more outspoken. They used to think Neil is that walking encyclopedia who pretends to be a professor so he can enter the school premises without wearing any IDs. Okay, I still do that. They never thought I'll take Journalism as a course (as if I had a choice) and refrain doing large artworks (which I used to do when I was in PCU).

    Ewan ko, but I felt like I'm more human than before. And when I say more human, that means I'm not comfortable verbally diagramming sugar synthesis in casual occasions anymore. They think I'm not geeky anymore, that's for sure.

    Neil's last blog post..Charice Pempengco’s Performances – Oprah, Paul O’Grady, and David Foster

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