I foresee a tiring week ahead. (2 gigs! Please watch.)

I dunno what happened, but suddenly my week ahead is now kind of a busy one. I was planning 2010 to be a pretty lazy year, doing nothing while I sit on a recliner couch eating potato chips dipped in lard as I watch Glee and fap off to that girl who plays Quinn, you know? But apparently it’s just month numero dos and I’m already neck-deep in work. Not that I’m complaining – HI BOSS! *grins and waves stupidly*

In fact, I’m actually enjoying the influx of things to work on for a change. Of course by the weekend rolls around, I’ll be dead tired, but I guess that’ll be a small price to pay for all the productive shit I’ll do.

Case in point: I’m playing session bass for two new bands right now, The Strangeness and Don’t Bogart The Can… Man! and I pretty much have a full plate this week because these two bands, along with Lose Your Beer Belly will have gigs this week!

Tomorrow night, Don’t Bogart The Can… Man! will be playing at Sazi’s Bar (formerly Mayric’s) at Espana, in front of UST. We’ll be playing with bands such as Candy Audioline and Soft Pillow Kisses. Of course the gig’s tomorrow night and I still haven’t memorized how the songs go and I’m panicking like yeah crazy.

To top it off, Lose Your Beer Belly, Don’t Bogart The Can… Man! (man, these bands have really long names) and The Strangeness will be playing this Saturday at Freedom Bar!

Oh yeah, The Strangeness also has a gig this Friday at Al’s Bar, but I’m not going to play bass there.

So yeah, please do take your time to watch my bands, and also so you can see me fumbling with the bass onstage as I hit all the wrong notes. You can laugh at me if you want to. But please do show up. I’m excited as hell for this!


  1. Might be able to check out your band at Sazi’s. Can’t go to freedom on Saturday. Poker and beerday celebrayshun that night.

  2. I miss hitting the gigs. College, it’s bummer!

  3. dk

    walking distance lang sa amin ang Freedom Bar. 🙂

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