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How To Buy The Eraserheads Box Set

UPDATE: Eraserheads box set review here

The Heads Set book

Photo by Sha

So it was announced that the much-awaited Eraserheads box set (called The Heads Set for those who are anal about their box set titles) would be finally released. I’ve been excitedly waiting for this since it was announced sometime last year – hey, Sony-BMG has to capitalize on the hype generated by the last two reunion concerts, right?

For those planning to storm the nearest record bar and scare the shit out of the nearest saleslady – hold your horses. It looks like The Heads Set will only be available in Greenwich stores starting September 6, thanks to information helpfully shared to us by Karla. You can, you know, storm the nearest Greenwich branch and scare the shit out of the nearest cashier.

The initial details shared was kind of vague: all we had to do was to purchase six pizzas, and we get the box set. So me and a bunch of friends (Larry, Marco, Charles, and Bim, who was there for the pizza and couldn’t care less about the Eraserheads) trooped to the nearest Greenwich branch to order the shit out of their pizza – a day we dubbed The Pizzapocalypse. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a logistics issue (on Greenwich’s end) which left my friends with a lot of pizza and no box set in hand.

Pizzapocalypse (photo by Marco)

However, I was late and I wasn’t able to buy six pizzas – only the first four people who were able to reserve a box set that morning would be given their copies the next day. So basically, even though Pizzapocalypse was a fail, Larry and Marco got their box sets earlier than 99% of the population. I can give you their addresses if you need someone to steal a certain Eraserheads box set from.

Okay, so what did we learn from the failed Pizzapocalypse experience?

  • The box set is a limited release, and it looks like it’s exclusive to Greenwich stores for now.
  • You have two options to to get your copy of The Heads Set:
  • First option is the more expensive but artery-cloggingly awesome route – you buy 3 Overloaded pizzas and 3 pitchers of softdrinks for P1,500 + 3 Bigatin Meals (a pizza, 4 pieces of chicken and 2 spaghettis) for P1,800++ = P3,300++, then you get the box set free
  • The second option is the cheaper but wimpier route – buy one Bigatin Meal and the box set for a one-time payment of P2,499
  • They’ll keep track of your purchases through a Starbucks-like sticker card system
  • Either option applies for dine-in and delivery
  • You have until October to get your box set

I was prepared to buy six pizzas and stuff myself for the next couple of days, but somehow I went for the wimpier option and got the Barkada Feast and box set for P2,500. Also, I’m kind of a cheapskate. Since I wasn’t one of the first four to have a box set reserved, I’ll be getting my copy this Thursday. I do know of a few people who were able to get their copies ahead of me because they opted for delivery – an option I am sorely annoyed for not even considering.

But I am really excited about getting my hands on the box set containing 10 CDs (all studio albums and a compilation of the EPs/non-album tracks), a DVD called Pop-u-mentary, a T-shirt, and a book. In fact, I’ll write about The Heads Set once I get my hands on it come Thursday.

Now excuse me while I burp off this pizza and pasta I’ve been eating for the last hour or so.

UPDATE: I got my copy of The Heads Set a day early! Review here!


  1. Hannah Pamela Reyes-Ledesma

    hi goodevening. i am interested to buy but i cant find the eheds box set in the link that you posted.

  2. Hannah Pamela Reyes-Ledesma

    hi i am interested to buy

  3. burnok

    Eto na naba ang eksena ng alternative ngayon! buti nalang buhay pa rin ang underground!

  4. Conrad

    Boss tanong lang sa meron nang set. meron bang booklet bawat album?? paki post naman rin po sa youtube ng sample.. salamats.. ^_^

    • Ade

      There's no booklet per album, but the huge book that came with the box set contains linear notes, an essay, pictures, and lyrics for all the songs.

      I'm not uploading audio samples to YouTube because the difference between the original release and the current aren't that dramatic. Also, with the way YouTube compresses audio, it's unlikely you'd hear the improved clarity of the audio.

      If you have the complete original albums (or the reissues, even) I don't think it's worth buying the box set. 🙂

      • Conrad

        Thanks sa info bossing! sa sinabi nyo ser parang naisip ko na hindi nga siguro ganun kaganda yung pag remaster nila.. kasi yung Beatles remastered rinig na rinig yung diperensya ng 1987 master at 2009 remaster kahit sa youtube. (i have the original 1987 masters and beatles 2009 stereo and mono box set… vinyl lang wala ako hehehe)..

        tingin ko hindi na ako bibili nito.. dun na lang ako sa mga luma kong albums.. hehehe

        • Ade

          Well, I won't say that the remastering isn't good (they did a great job), but the albums were recorded on relatively new equipment. Also they have been around for a little more than a decade, so there isn't going to be a dramatic difference. Except for the first two albums, which sound awesome now, although Ultraelectro still has traces of a 90's production sound, which I'm not a fan of.

          The Beatles, on the other hand, recorded on 60's era 4-track tapes. Any remastering is welcome for them. Also, they released a horrible box set in 1987 that fans stuck with vinyl. I actually used vinyl rips of their albums until they released the 2009 remasters.

    • Kung di kayo makuntento sa boxset guys at naghahanap ng Eraserheads rare memorabilia, eto mga eheads stuff na okay:

  5. noynoy

    there are rumors circulating that the band was not consulted regarding this pizza thing and that they are instead endorsing another brand of pizza. abangan and pls pazza

  6. Cake


    Select branches lang daw? Where'd you get your copy? Thank lots.

    • Ade

      I got mine at Greenwich Megamall. I hear it's available at every branch now, but you'd be better off asking someone from Greenwich. We don't want misinformation running around, do we?

      • Aj

        oks yung box set. kaso sayang wala yung instrumental album ng ultraelectro at circus. good thing I have that copy, pero hindi nga lang digitally remastered.. pero all in all satisfied ako.. 🙂

  7. qwertyuiop


    shet nahuli ako sa balita (not a pizza fan)!!!

    kailangan ko nitoooooo!

    bakit yung nasa picture parang made of carton? may nakita kasi akong made of metal!

    • Ade

      It's available until the end of October! Also, that's the book – the box set is encased in a tin box!

      • qwertyuiop


        akala ko may ibang version na nilabas, sana may sizes yung shiirt aargh!! hindi ako makatulog!!

        • Conrad

          sa umaangal sa taas. sa totoo lang kung sisisihin mo yung label edi sisihin mo din eheads kasi pumayag sila na i-release yung catalog nila sa greenwich. sa palagay mo papabayaan ba ng label yung catalog ng eheads? kung ako may ari ng label kahit sa jollybee rerelease ko to basta malaki offer nila. tandaan mo business ito. its all about money.

          geh tutal diyos naman tingin mo sa eheads. e kung release nila sa record bar tapos 10k para mataas presyo. masaya kna?

          • Ade

            Chill lang tayo, dude.

          • Conrad

            sorry bossing kung mukang masyadong seryoso yung comment ko. pero hindi ako nangaaway. hehehe.. dapat pla lagi kong lagyan ng smiley yung comment ko para hindi magmukang nangaaway. ^_^

          • Hanggang kelan po ba ito? 🙂 Hanggang October? 😀

          • Ade

            Yep, until end of October. 🙂

  8. Ogs Ablazo

    totoo ba na merong UNRELEASED tracks na sinali dyan sa box set na yan?

    – Ogs

    • Ade

      Yep! All remixes of previously released tracks, though.

      • Ogs Ablazo

        aaah.. remixes.. digitally ‘remastered’ baga….. kala ko unreleased tracks.. maybe from the garjam album maybe? guess not hehe… salamat sa info dude. 🙂

        – Ogs

        – Ogs

        • Ade

          I’m sorry, the previously unreleased material aren’t remixes, but they’re alternate mixes of some songs from Stickerhappy.

  9. That's it. It's time for a high school reunion at Greenwich!

  10. does it include the unreleased album stuff?

  11. OMG I WANT THAT SO HARD! I hope it's still available next month when I visit.

  12. Saka nga pala, hindi si Cynthia ang nagdrawing. Si Arnold Arre.

  13. So dahil kasama lang sa "promo para makabenta ng pizza", e wala nang pakialam ang label? Wala nang ibang POSIBLENG DAHILAN kaya nila ginawa? Lawakan mo naman ng konti ang pag-iisip mo, at 'wag kang magpadalos-dalos ng pananalita. Unless me pruweba ka o kaya narinig mo na yun nga ang ginawa ng label nila. 'Pag meron ka nun, hihingi ako ng paumanhin sa 'yo.

    Ang arte mo. 'Di wag kang bumili. Alam kong alam mo na (sabi mo nga) pero parang 'di pa masyadong nadiin eh.

    • Sue Pot

      And so u r!

    • Ma.Rita

      Uy tama, may point ka, maaaring nagpadalos dalos ako. Gusto kong humingi ng paumanhin sa yo dahil nagalit ka ata masyado! At sa label dahil may dahilan rin siguro kung bakit nila to nagawa, tulad ng kawalan ng pera para suportahan ang pagbenta, at marami pang iba. At ito lang siguro ang paraan para makalabas na talaga tong boxed set.

      Naramdaman ko lang yung kanina kaya ko shinare. Hindi mo naman ako kailangan awayin e. Ang saken lang ay kung yung mga taong may control sa pag labas ng boxed set(inassume ko na yun yung label) ay may pakealam sa kahalagahan nito, hindi nila papayagang maging papromo lang ng pizza ang holy grail ng musikang pilipino (disclaimer: opinion ko lang ito)

      • Actually, 'di naman ako nang-aaway. Sinabi ko lang naman na subukan mong umunawa. Kung ang tinutukoy mo naman ay yung "ang arte mo" na linya, eh inulit ko lamang ito dahil gaya ng sabi mo, alam mo na naman yun.

        'Di naman siguro porke "ipinaubaya" sa iba ang pagbenta nito e 'di na nila pinapahalagahan. Matatalino 'din ang karamihan ng taong nagtatrabaho sa labels, lalo na sa isang banda na kilala ng lahat, na alam ng lahat na malaki ang naitulong sa indistriya ng musika. Ngayon, ang tanong ko sa iyo: masama ba na sa halip na bilhin mo ito sa record bars ng more or less 3-4k, e mas mababa ng konti ang presyo ngayon at me kasama pang pagkain? Masama ba na sa halip na pumunta ka sa mall mag-isa at bumili, e pupunta ka na lang sa isang kainan kasama ang iyong mga kaibigan para pagsaluhan yung madaming pagkain na kasama ng box set? Mababawasan ba ang halaga nun? Opinyon ko lang, pero hindi naman siguro. Mas gugustuhin ko na habang pinapatugtog ko yung CDs, naaalala ko din kung paano kami naggaguhan at namrublema kung paano uubusin yung sandamukal na pagkain na inirder namin para makuha yung box set dahil mas masaya yun.

        Yun lamang po.

        • Ma.Rita

          Ayos. Maganda perspective mo sa bagay na to! Sana yun na rin ang una kong naisip.

  14. Ma.Rita

    Congratulations sa lahat ng bibili!

    Sa isang banda, nakakalungkot isipin na ang pinakamagandang musikang nagawa sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas ay hinayaan ng mga may kapangyarihan na gamitin lang bilang isang pa-promo para makabenta ng pizza pie.

    Alam ko, ang importante ay nakalabas na ito at makukuha na sya ng mga fans ng eraserheads, at isa pa, maganda ang drawing ni Cynthia Arre. Pero hindi ko lang talaga matanggap. (Wag na magkomento dito para sabihin lang na: "ang arte mo" o "e di wag ka bumili" dahil naisip ko na yun.)

    • Ade

      I imagine the box set would be way more expensive without the tie-in promo with Greenwich. I'm sure the box set will be released in record bars after a few months, but I guess it won't be the limited edition available right now.

      • Ma.Rita

        Hindi yun ang point. Pasensya na ha, disappointed talaga ako at hindi ko matanggap na naka tie up lang sa pizza promo ang boxed set. Katamaran yan ng label na i-promote, mas madali nga naman yung binigay na nila yung burden sa iba sa pagbenta nito. Katamaran at wala nang pagpapahalaga.

        Salamat na rin sa greenwich at marami syang napasaya.

    • Conrad

      Oo maarte ka talaga.. FREE na nga lang umaangal ka pa.. Dati nga burger binebenta nila e. atlis ngayon pizza na.. hehehe

  15. It was a bloodbath, but we managed. It was an honor going to war with you, good sir. Next up: the Tempurapocalypse!


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