How to be a Smooth Operator

I was on my way home from work the other day when I saw Gen, a former college classmate of mine. She was one of my closest classmates so naturally I was excited to see her. I was waving and smiling like crazy at her, but she acted like she never even noticed me.

I was wondering why she was ignoring me. I mean, we never had a fight or anything. So I called out her name.


It was when I realized that the person I was waving and smiling and screaming at wasn’t my friend.

I screamed. At Mega Mall. In the middle of a crowd. And was ignored.

To make matters worse, there was another girl in the crowd named “Gen”. She looked at me like I was some kind of freak. Well, that was before she and her whole barkada burst out laughing. At me.

Nice going, Ade. Reeeeal smooth.


  1. Gina

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    ha ha

  2. Gina

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    ha ha

  3. Dan

    That's hilarious! I've had my fair share of that. I was walking once, on my way to a friend's place, and about 50 meters away, I saw two people outside and thought they were my friends too so I excitedly waved at them. They looked at me, then to each other, laughed and finally turned their backs on me. I was puzzled until I got closer. They weren't my friends at all, just random strangers! I was so embarrassed that I didn't look at them again and went inside my friend's house immediately.

  4. wahaha… embarrassing! 😛

    i love these kinds of stories weheehe…

  5. dapat mabalis sa 'recovery line' dapat sinigaw mo agad


  6. happened to me once. I even touched the person as if we were super close. hehe…

  7. Haha! That's happened to me before…not as embarassing as your story though. Just kidding! 🙂

  8. Anghirap naman magcomment dito may tremblingvalenceekek pa hehehe. ganun pa man magcocomment parin ako at babati ng Happy Valentines Day!!!

  9. ade

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  10. dax

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    I’m worst dear!! i covered his eyes with my hands!! imagine his shock and my embarrasment when he pulled my hands away and we realize we don’t know each other!! yieks!

  11. lolz…i think ure losing too much sleep ^_^

  12. When I was in Israel, someone was shouting "GADI" behind me. As I continued walking, the voice were getting closer until suddenly, a wonderful Israeli lady tapped my right shoulder. When I turned around her, she abruptly said sorry I made a mistake. She hugged me and ran away. *sigh*

  13. nice! haha

  14. omg.. haha.. lol.

    hallucinating? stress??

  15. wakkekeke!

    dotn worry di ka nagiisa … ako idn minsan ganyan.. hek hek!

    happy valentines day din sayo!


  16. ade

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    kamukha talaga eh!:P

  17. Darwin

    Lol, bat nga pala kasi pinagpipilitan mong sya si Gen, di ka na nga nya pinapansin. Yan tuloy hehehe

  18. aby

    haha. funny!

  19. this made my day. sweet.

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