Oh, hey guys, I can’t believe Holy Week is already over. And truth be told, I actually planned to spend some time alone and reflect and be a better person afterwards. No, seriously. Lookee, this is me now:

And I planned to disappear into the mountains alone, find my inner demons and start a protracted battle complete with flashbacks:


I shall slay you, oh evil inner demon! I shall emerge victorious!



Yeah, that flashback made this all awesome.


And I shall be victorious from the battle, having slain my demons. And I shall emerge from the mountains looking like this:

Yes, I shall fly off into the sunset doing that really awesome pose. And stab any evil monk along the way.

But sadly, that scenario did not happen. So how did I spend my Holy Week? Well, for starters, I just spent half of it alone in my room, surfing the internet and annoying the hell out of the people on my messenger list. Both of them. And the other half sleeping.

So Holy Week ended, and guess what, I’m a changed person!

What a difference a week of non-reflection makes.

So, how did you spend your Holy Week?

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