Hello, December

And just like that, it’s December again.

Guys, look, the end of the year is almost here, and what have we learned so far? My personal answer would be “2009 just about fucked everyone with its irrational rash of celebrity deaths, consecutive tragic typhoons, massacres, and loads of political turmoil.” Yep, 2009 has been one fucking fun year.

But again, it’s December already and I think it’s about time we relax for a little bit and think about Christmas. You know, be all loving and caring and all? Because it’s that time for giving gifts, and you know, with giving gifts you have to be prepared to brave the murderous crowd in malls, spending money you have no assurance to earn back and… fuck, I’m kind of more depressed than I began with.

But seriously, I don’t know what else to do this December except:

  • Get shitfaced.
  • Savor every moment of my upcoming vacation.
  • By sleeping.
  • And getting shitfaced.
  • And probably whacking off in a corner.
  • Did I mention I’ll get shitfaced?

I know I should be doing something else productive like “getting off my fat ass and jog for an hour or two everyday because I’m really fast approaching John Candy proportions,” but I can’t find any motivation to do something worthwile. Heck, I don’t even feel like reading comics. This is rather strange, because I used to spend 90% of the time thinking about Batman.

Oh well. I think 2009’s just a really crappy year and it took its toll on me. Can’t wait for 2010, really. I’m pretty sure things will be looking up. Except for the fact that we’re getting closer to 2012…

How are you guys going to spend your December? What do you think is the cause of my current funk? Yeah, I can’t figure it our myself. Help me out, will ya guys?


  1. Might be the weather… sure I love cool, but this cool is strange somehow. I've been a bit down myself. I hope 2010 isn't filled with much of the same surprises we had to endure in 2009.

  2. Ah, December… the happiest and least productive month of the year.

    I'll go back to my nap now.

  3. agree. 2009 bombed like fuck.

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