Oh, wow. Look at this. The new year is a few minutes away and we’re all busy and shit preparing for it. But I’m taking a break from the revelries to take the time and greet you all a happy new year!

I’m curious. Do you still make new year’s resolutions? I, for one, stopped making them years ago because, well, who the heck was able to keep even one? Like me, for the last few years my one resolution was “I will exercise more regularly and lose weight.” By January 2, I’d be lying face down on the floor, wheezing from the fifth push-up and saying “Fuck it, I give up!”

This year I decided to make things a bit easier for me. I’ll be  making new year’s resolutions I can keep. Instead of beating myself up silly for broken promises, I’ll be able to pat myself on the back for a job well done.

So my resolutions for 2009 would be:

  • I would quit smoking – heh. This one’s easy. I don’t smoke. DONE.
  • Do something about my alcohol problem – I don’t have a problem with alcohol. Alcohol as a problem with me. DONE.
  • Stop playing DOTA – I don’t play DOTA. DONE.
  • I’ll stop staying up late to watch Pinoy scandals on various sites – I’ll stay up late to watch non-Pinoy scandals on various sites. DONE.
  • I’ll spend less time online – Ah, a tricky one. I’ll try to spend one minute less online everyday. DONE, technically.

So anyway guys, 2008 was a really crazy ride and I sure am glad I had you people around for the ride. The 2008 recap will come next post, but right now, I’ll greet you all a Happy New Year!

So sez ABBA!

I, uh, WHAT?

Anyway, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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