Fun things to do inside the Pinoy Big Brother House

Shock confession time, folks.

I’m a Pinoy Big Brother junkie.


Don’t worry. I won’t plaster this blog with gushes of how amazing and life-changing PBB is for me. You can find that on a million and one blogs out there already. Nor this blog will turn into a fansite. (Click around, and you may find my F4 fanpage)

Maybe it’s the allure of being a celebrity. Or the possibility of exhibitionism. However, I don’t think they’ll open up the House for me, who has a personality as interesting as a dry leaf (although in the right hands, a dry leaf can give you hours of fun…)

I’m actually morbidly curious how life is inside the Big Brother house. In fact, I already have a list of the things I want to do if I ever get inside the house:

  • Run around the house screaming “BANANA GANGBANG!!!”
  • Hug everyone the moment you step inside the house, and then tell them afterwards that you have scabies.
  • At dinner, sing the chorus of “It’s a Small World” in the tinniest voice you can manage. Non-stop.
  • Hide inside the bathroom and jump the first housemate who goes inside to take a leak.
  • Refuse to listen to anything your housemates say unless you are referred to as “The Great One”
  • Do not tell them how to address you.
  • Cluck your tounge.
  • Talk like Willie Revillame. Reenact his “NENE! YOU ARE THE BIG WINNER OF PINOY BIG BROTHER!” speech. Every five minutes.
  • Tell everyone how you find David Hasselhoff awesome and that you fantasize about him every night.
  • Be a hypochondriac. Cry like a sissy.
  • Use the word “me”: “Gutom na me!!!”
  • Switch your housemates’ toothbrushes.
  • Give your manliest housemate the nickname “Maria Kaboodle-Doodle”
  • Everytime you pass by the kitchen, stare intently at the set of knives. Caress the knives once in a while. While everyone is looking.
  • Look at your housemates in a most… questionable manner.

I’m sure by Day Five, all my housemates will be begging to be let out of the House because they are underoverwhelmed by my sheer awesomeness.


  1. ade

    [Comment ID #33 Will Be Quoted Here]


  2. hope to see each other sa Bahay ni Kuya! 😛

  3. Use the word “me”: “Gutom na me!!!”

    Murders will be committed.

  4. ade

    [Comment ID #30 Will Be Quoted Here]

    a very insightful article on PWNage can be read here.

  5. ewwww. you are a fan. ewwwwww. lol.

    next time, it's going to be BB Ade to 231 (smart) and 2331 (talk and text), just you wait.

    btw, im dumb. what does PWNED?

  6. yer pbb post is hilarious.. you should change the title to `how to be the 1st one out of pbb` :D. i was gonna suggest pretending sleepwalking at nite, going to the other housemates' rooms, spooking them out.. haha.. or calling rustom ur honey.. eek haha.. wont that bring memries..

  7. Hello, bago lang po ako dito!

    Parang gusto ko ring makapunta at siguro… makulong for 100 days sa PBB house with new friends hehe.

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