Summing it up.

Before you gouge your eyes out because of that goddamnawful image, let me just tell you I loved the film. I was expecting a lot of Greco-Roman Wrestling and all that shit, and since they’re Greeks I was also expecting a lot of man love (turns out the Achaens were the man lovers). Thank God my expectations weren’t fulfilled.

I’m in a happy mood right now mainly because 300 is one load of happy. I mean, it’s one load of happy if you dig massacres, squirting blood, decapitations, nude dancing nubile young women getting high and being licked by diseased old men, Persians being pwned by women (“Only Spartan women give birth to real men.” – gold), and some ambiguously gay king (no, not Leonidas. Guess who).

But I loved every single moment of the film. I just have one complaint: I was in all geek mode, just taking in every single scene, and being awed by the color treatment and fantastic CGI work, but suddenly these girls behind me would make fun of the dialogue and stuff. They’re not Spartan women, so I told them off. They quiet down.

Ten minutes later, they giggle like the feeble non-Spartan women they are. I bring out my manly Spartan ways and shut them up. Forever.

Anyway, inspite of them giggling and noise, 300 is still one awesome film. In fact, it was so awesome, I spent the rest of my day scouring all nearby bookstores so I could buy the graphic novel. Alas, no such luck. Sold out everywhere.

Anyway, this is my favorite scene:

No, I mean this:

Also, I’m so happy for spikerdave for landing a role in 300:

So, how did you guys find 300?

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