Five Things That I Want in 2008

This is seriously one of the times where I have absolutely nothing to write about. Seriously. So after two years of resisting, I finally raise the white flag and answer a meme. Yes, a meme. On my blog. Stop laughing. Seriously. No, seriously, stop it.

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So I was tagged by the lovely Homesick Pinay April Zara, who we at The Man Blog were lucky enough to have interviewed her for a LAMEcast last year. Also, she was the one who started this whole “Ade looks like Dominic Ochoa” thing that everybody isn’t letting me off the hook anytime soon. Right, April? Thanks for bringing back horrible memories. Again, stop laughing.

Anyway, the meme asks one simple question: what things do you want to have this 2008?

Stop laughing. Seriously. P- please. Like now.

Five things I want to have for 2008:

A New Job
No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t love my current job, but I don’t hate it either. In fact, I love the people I work with, and the company I work for is, um, okay. And the management? I love it. (Hi boss! Please don’t fire me okay? I lurve work and all that corporate shiznit ktnxbai) But you see, I have to follow my dreams of becoming a porn star, and being stuck in the corporate world just won’t cut it.

So yeah, I have to be in a job that’ll let me be in constant contact with hot and willing women. And I must also have enough free time so I can shoot all these videos in various clandestine areas.

A New Bass Guitar
I just realized that I have my old black Squire Precision Bass lying around the house somewhere. I haven’t used it for some years because of some idiot who, in a brief moment of stupidity, thought that he had teh mad skillz to hack the guitar so that it’ll be much more awesome than it already is. Well, the delusion is over and the experiment resulted to something roughly like this:

Yes, douchebag smile included

So yeah, I seriously need a new bass.

Nintendo Wii
Yeah, yeah, I know I was wishing for a Wii when I did my Christmas Wish list way back in 2007. I even had the money saved up for it, even. Then I did the biggest impulsive buy of my life. A month later, I’m still broke. And I’m buying accessories for my laptop. Every week. That can only translate to one thing: no Wii.


A Vacation
Yeah, yeah, I know I just took a week’s worth of vacation last month. But I just spent that week lounging on the sofa, stealing wifi off our totally clueless neighbor, buying loads of comics, downloading porn some educational movies, growing fat, and basically being a bum. So that’s not a vacation. A vacation for me is being able to fly off to some island or remote country and spending three days to a week there. And possibly with secks. With a real live woman. Hopefully.

Yeah, that’ll be sweet. If, again, I can only afford it.


What are longboxes, you say? Well – wait for it – those are the white, corrugated cardboard, sturdy – I said, wait for it – long boxes (I made a funney! Huhlolz.) where we store comic books in.

Wait, wait wait, you may ask. Why the hell am I asking for a fricking simple longbox for my wishlist when all the other things I asked for are, well, biggies? Here’s the thing. I have too much comics already. When I say too much, I mean “no more space to put those goddamned things in, so I just dump them on my bed, but then, I’ve no more space in my bed either, so I just sleep in a fetal position at night”. So, yeah, that isn’t too much, right?

So yeah, those are some of the things I want to have in 2008. So now I ask you, what do you want? Leave a comment!

And in order to keep this meme alive, I’m tagging Baddie, Aloha Penny, Steel (you fag! Update already!), Noelle, Sorsi, and Kring.

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  1. abbee

    but a Wii is a waste of money. I don't even have the patience for Wii Sports anymore!

  2. 2-day rest days i want! ampf…i want to sleep

    sarah's last blog post..because i like them pictures + PhotoHunt "old-fashioned" theme

  3. Ade

    [quote comment="119222"]A real, no-shit lovelife, maybe. LOL[/quote]

    um, care to expound?

  4. A real, no-shit lovelife, maybe. LOL

  5. if memes are that cool, i'll post only memes from hereon.

    keysi's last blog post..Food Post #1: Lechon Kawali with a twist

  6. Hows about a lighter to torch all your comics so you wont need a longbox? No? Why not!

    Helga's last blog post..SOMEONE?S A STUDENT.

  7. Never mind the fleetings concerns and petty wishes of 5 inconsequential needs which would not make your life less sad in any way, because in 2008..

    Cthulhu will swallow your soul.

    Garg the Unzola's last blog post..Necrophagist – Epitaph (2004)

  8. Yeah, sell the Asus eeePC and get the Wii. You'll have higher chances of scoring a chick that would be willing to give you monies and not just a slap in the face, I mean secks. LOLz

    jhay's last blog post..Lasallian Festival 2008: Kayang-kaya kung sama-sama

  9. You know what I want Ade. You know what I want! 😉

    Btw, ghost comment boxes! Whooooooo!!!!

    Rico's last blog post..What is the Funky Pasig Scandal?

  10. Brrr…. that douchebag smile is… a bit… disturbing…

    (scrolls down the page hurriedly)

    Have you consulted this to your inner child already?

    Neil's last blog post..mouse hunting

  11. Oh i was about to do a meme cus i havent updated my blog and voila!

  12. Ade

    [quote comment="119202"]What an evil plot to drag me out of my hole! Very well, then…

    One of the few things I want for the New Year is herpes, which I heard is the best cure for acne.[/quote]

    Dude, just ask Bim. I'm pretty sure he'd be happy to give you some.

    [quote comment="119190"]A cultural revolution!


    A.. a… a WHAT?

  13. What an evil plot to drag me out of my hole! Very well, then…

    One of the few things I want for the New Year is herpes, which I heard is the best cure for acne.

  14. hey that cat is so cute!

    cyberpunk's last blog post..Toothbrush Horror

  15. A New Job – me too. 🙁

    Euri's last blog post..I Thinks…

  16. Ade

    [quote comment="119191"]

    Well, just as long as you won't sleep through your date, I'm sure you'd be fine. LOL. Peace!


    Stop rubbing it in! 🙁


    And because you tagged me, you suck. You know I can't resist memes. Ass.

    Baddie's last blog post..C.I.L.F.

  18. And possibly with secks. With a real live woman. Hopefully.

    Well, just as long as you won't sleep through your date, I'm sure you'd be fine. LOL. Peace!

    FunnySexy's last blog post..Funny+Sexy Videos: I?m Pregnant

  19. A cultural revolution!

    Lauren's last blog post..Cuerdas Bar on a Friday Night

  20. Pau

    Sell your ASUS EEE and get the Wii. Chicks love to play with my Wii wii.

    Pau's last blog post..City Hall, Fixers, and my NBI Clearance

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