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Facebook Quizzes That Should Never See The Light Of Day

Who else here spends their time on Facebook, poking people and making sure that every ounce of possible productivity is wasted? Not you? Fuck.

Okay, since nobody wants to admit surfing Facebook a lot (you fuckers), I’ll just ask you a question: who else is sick of the stupid quizzes that pop up one after another on your timeline? The occasional “Are You A Pervert?” taken by that hot girl who you used to masturbate to back in college would be fine, because her quiz results show that she is, indeed, a pervert. Afterward you go masturbating to the quiz results, but that’s another story.

But yeah, we’re getting way too many stupid quizzes on Facebook. You know what? Quizzes like “What is your name?” or “Did you go to [insert name of school]” or “pAnU k p0h mGmAhAL p0h????????” are just way too abundant on Facebook lately.

Seriously, I wonder how it can get worse. What sort of Facebook quizzes shouldn’t see the light of day?

Let me show you how bad it can get. Imagine logging on to Facebook one day and seeing these:

Hitler - funny facebook quiz

Are Your Batman - funny facebook quiz

What is your gender- funny facebook quiz

Dicknose - funny facebook quiz

Do you have a bad case of death? - funny facebook quiz

Grammar nazi - funny facebook quiz

Facebook funny quiz

Well, even if we do get all those stupid Facebook quizzes, I guess nothing’s worse than seeing people click on “Like” for their own status messages. I mean, that’s pretty sad, right?

Like own status


  1. kentwotimes

    That is pretty sad! 🙂 lol well guess what, there were facebook users that messages you on chat saying "pls like my status.." that is the saddest thing. ever. XD (and my grammar is the 2nd saddest thing.)

  2. "Well, even if we do get all those stupid Facebook quizzes, I guess nothing’s worse than seeing people click on “Like” for their own status messages. I mean, that’s pretty sad, right?"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA true!! :p

  3. o yeah… im also sick of those quizzes. i tried it before because i thought they have something to add to my empty brains but, omg, who's that celebrity? how maniac are you? those kind of things… really fill up my brains. hehe…

  4. kenny s daing

    Add me to FB and you will see the most stupid game created.

    • Ape

      even my mother-in-law's driver has a goddamn facebook account.

      shit aint right.

  5. Dude, you're always entertaining. Keep it up!

  6. leroy

    another FB epic fail-ness.

    Andi Manzano(a hooooot dj) posted

    "Cory Aquino passed away today.. may she rest in peace."

    and then her fans(still counting…) LIKED the status, wtf is that? haha. shit happens all the time. 🙂

    • Ade

      No freakin' way.

      Seriously, people don't know when to NOT use "Like." *facepalm*

      • leroy`

        i'm not one of those who LIKEd her status. though i alomost clicked on it. it has been a habit. shit. haha! 😀

  7. CM

    "How much do you want to bite off the heads of idiots who keep sending you quizzes and tags and useless applications?"

    Exactly why I killeded FB. Fully rehabilitated and less homicidal since, thank you very much.

    • Ade

      This CM, whatta pa-mysterious effect. 8->

    • Can you see who "likes" your LIKES IT plugin?

      • Ade

        I'd love to have that functionality, but no, I can't see who likes my posts. 🙁

      • i am one of the few who don't take the quizzes in fb. i really don't see the point in answering most of them.

        so there are people out there who like their own FB status? why?!?

  8. ME!!! Can they please ABOLISH those STUPID quizzes?! They're flooding my Facebook account! Geez! D=

    • Ade

      I can stand the occasional stupid quiz or two, but it's a freaking FLOOD in there.

  9. Why do I have the feeling you've answered half of the quizzes you've mentioned here?

    Maybe you should create one something similar, like "how retarded are you?" Or "how emo are you?" Then figure out how to make money out of it, that way, you'll be famous, on Facebook at least, and be filthy f*ckin rich!

  10. DQ

    last image >> wonderful, wonderful.

    *insert standing ovation here*

    • Ade

      Thank you, thank you. *bows*

      • ROTFL-how could anyone, i mean, anyone, wank off to FB quiz results?!? ade, frankly, i'm amazed.


        hilarious quizzes, nakakatempt i-take. nyehehe. i sometimes take these dumb quizzes just to see my results but don't publish them coz i don't wanna appear just as dumb as those who made the quiz. harharhar!

  11. i used to think that opposite the thumbs-up for Like this was a thumbs down icon—that of course turned out to be comments symbol. -.-

  12. Too true! Too true I'm afraid. Irritating really how these quizzes keep popping left and right. I wonder if you can give me the link to that gramr and spalng quiz though… I should very much like to give it a shot :p

  13. What the shit, there's a like option for WP now? Whoa.

  14. LOL @ clicking "LIKE" on your own status!

    • Rico

      People actually like their own facebook statuses? (I've only seen it once; maybe I don't check statuses/walls too often)

      Yes, those quizzes (and other meme-like stuff) are frustrating. If not the facebook games, it's almost the only thing that flood the facebook networks.

      • Ade

        It's flooding Facebook. Use the Greasemonkey script "Facebook Purity" to get rid of app messages.

    • Ade

      I actually automatically unfollow those who do. Yes, I'm mean.

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