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Dentist Time at K Dental Studio!

A couple of weeks back, I managed to get out of my computer chair for a few hours to visit K Dental Studio at Medical Plaza Ortigas. I was a bit nervous – you see, dental hygiene isn’t really a priority when you live on the internet and I was scared to find out what sort of evils live in my mouth without my knowledge.

Unlike most people, I’m not scared of dentists and their drills and torture chamber-like examination rooms. However, I can totally understand where the fear is coming from. Try sitting on that chair for hours with your mouth wired open while a half-interested dental assistant pokes your mouth with various implements that look like they came straight out of a horror film – yeah, that will surely break even the strongest of spirits.

Fig 1: I pretend to be not scared shitless

I was surprised at how different K Dental Studio feels like from other dental clinics I’ve been to. Yes it still looks like a clinic, but it’s doesn’t have that foreboding sense of doom that most people feel when they visit other clinics.

Dr. Karla was very helpful, and was quick to point out the fact that most people go to the dentist only when they need to – like when tooth pain is so much that they immediately get surgery or something like that. She espouses a different sort of approach when approaching oral care – she calls it The Tao of Tooth:

What is the Tao of Tooth? It is the way for you and your teeth to reach the ultimate nirvana of ipinlightenment. A personalized code of teachings, that through regular practice and on the advice and guidance of our guru of teeth, will open the way to ipin zen; healthy and happy teeth forever* (*until you move on to the next plane)

To gain ipin zen one must forego the desire of having a short term dental plan for a more long term and personalized dental care philosophy. Long term planning will make you more aware of your inner teeth and more prepared to fight the black desires of tooth decay and gingivitis and all sorts worldly mouth evils.

Our mecca, K Dental Studios provides you a relaxing environment to find your path to ipinlightenment as the beautiful and inspiring Dr. Karla Domingo plans and guides you to balance your life (and schedule) to devote yourself to the tao of tooth.

Also, the experience was fun. Dr. Karla did not judge me for not going to a dentist for a long time, and was helpful enough to teach me that I’ve been brushing my teeth wrong all my life. Fortunately for someone like me who hasn’t been taking good care of my teeth, I just needed a long-overdue cleaning. There’s more I want to share with you, but I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t really interested in the intricacies of what is going on inside my mouth.

Me, Dr. Karla, and Maro

Now that I am conscious of the way I take care of my teeth, I will eventually have that picture-perfect smile I need for successful pick-up line delivery!

You can set up an appointment with Dr. Karla by calling 622-7113 or 0917-555-0641. Check out her Facebook page or website for more info!

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