The Philippines, as you may know, is a mostly agricultural country. We have farms all around, plus hectares & hectares of rice fields. The less-developed places are amazing, really. There’s nipa huts (bahay kubo) all around, and you don’t even have to worry about the anxieties of modern life (mainly your PC succumbing to a trojan or something).

But then there’s cows.

Yes, cows.

They’re everywhere. When you’re driving down a rural road, you get to see about 10 of ’em before you reach your destination. In America kids have a game called “spot the car”. We have “spot the cows & close the car windows before the smell fills the car.”

Yes, the smell.

‘Coz I’m gonna rant about cow poo.

Y’know, I have this friend who lives in a semi-rural area. Their place is almost like Smallville, I guess. But they don’t have Kryptonite-induced mutants running around.

Well, his school had a bunch of cows grazing on the football field. Yes, I’m serious. What the cows are for I don’t know.

One monday morning, his class goes to school, only to find their classroom locked. So they wait for a few minutes for the janitor to unlock their room. Lo and behold, in the middle of their classroom was a huge, stinky, steaming pile of COW POO!!!

Imagine: one day you enter your classroom & you find a brown swirl of cowpie.

They never found out how in the world did the cow manage to enter their locked classroom & relieve itself there.

So what’s the point of my story?


Here, have some cereal.

Fudge Ripples. Yum.

Lookit that texture! The color! the shape!

It looks even better when it’s soggy!

*images taken from here.


  1. [Comment ID #122 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Um, beaches may not have cow poo, but they sometimes have human poo semi-hidden in the sand. Eww.

  2. Fudge Ripples? It looks like crap. 😀 Seriously. lol

    Anyways, AB ka pala? Anong major mo? 😀 Hihi.

  3. rob

    I experienced something like that when I was in second grade. But the poop wasn’t inside our classroom. It was outside. Right in front of the door. And man, it was humungous – and yellow!

    Wasn’t cow poo, though. Might be a dog’s or a cat’s.

  4. hahahahaha

    does not look cereal to me :p

    looks tastier when soggy :p


  5. i will violate you you, ade.


    i have to sing now, "cows cows everywhere, cows cows everwhere, cows are all around me"

    my inside joke.


  6. [Comment ID #121 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Must be milk or something kaya wet. =)

  7. Nasa football field yung cows kasi that's how the owners feed them most of the time. Well, all the time. They eat the grass.

    Ganun din football field noong High school ako. Hehe.

  8. ade

    [Comment ID #130 Will Be Quoted Here]


    NOW you've ruined my appetite. lol.

  9. this reminds me of another breakfast food that looks like poo (of a runnier kind) 'champurado'! heheheh 😛

  10. hi there! thanks for droppin by my site. nice entry. those cereals look like poo. hehe.

  11. i think i prefer carabaos over cows, their milk tastes better and makes everything just really yummier (then again, it could just be pastillas)


    happy weekend!

  12. seryoso ako sa pagbabasa ng entry biglang *weng weng* wahahahaha!!! oh well…soggy cereal looks yucky…

    @your comment sa entry ko….thank you sa concern 🙂

  13. You know, I was feeling a bit hungry until I read your entry and saw the pictures of the mini cow pies. 🙂 MMMmmmm!

  14. yen

    pg nasa lugar ka 2lad ng middle east mamimiss mo yang mga cows n yan noh!!!

  15. that's gross. but…hmmm…lemme buy a box of that cereal…i wanna have a taste of that fudge-flovered-cow-poo-look-alike-cereal…teehee

  16. Na missed ko tuloy ang Pinas. You know one good thing about pinas are the beaches. Doon walang Cow poo. Di bale malapit na rin akong magbakasyon, hopefully on MAY this year. (you do the math.)

  17. Aha! kaya pala ganadong ganado ko araw-araw! alam ko na ang sikreto mo. It's a cow poop disguising as a cereal! Hahaha at kinahon mo pa.

    I have a question anyway, why is the poop on the last pic wet? eeewww, gross!

  18. putcha, ang kuleeeeeet! huy, once upon a time, i had a girlfriend from one of those ultra-rural areas of cavite. during one of my obligatory weekend visits (don't you just hate those), her mom informed me that she went out. so, i spent the entire afternoon tending the vegetable garden and at 5:30 p.m., "parked" the cows. They call it "soga". It was cool but the frickin' car pooped on my shoes. Then my estranged father-in-law laughed and said, "pag nagsosoga ng baka, dapat nasa gilid ka." (forces a smile) I cooked the saluyot which mother-in-law and I harvested. Girlfriend finally came home at 6:30 p.m. with her childhood friend…a guy…whom I beat till his face was unrecognizeable…in my imagination, of course…cut to present day, ex-girlfriend is married and with two children with said male childhood friend…and all of these remembered because of cow poop…your (voice cracks, forces back a sob) cow poop blog…hehehe…

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