Caption Contest (Because I'm Out Of Ideas)

Okay, I’m seriously running low on brain juice here. And I don’t want to force myself in writing another half-baked lame-ass blog entry that’s only half funny (see, I’ve been doing that for months now). So now I’m gonna do a Chickenmafia when they run out of blog ideas: run a caption contest.

So all you have to do is to stare at that picture below, and post a caption via a comment! Like seriously, it’s that easy.


Best caption wins a million points. I don’t know what those million points can do, but it might help you get laid. I don’t know.

So, comment away and give me your captions!


  1. Ok, *thinking of a caption*

    From left: wearing a blue shirt with an "S" logo, followed by another human-like specie wearing the same blue shirt, followed by another one wearing the same blue shirt again, and so on, and so forth…

  2. Super Sirena or Super Ex-Men (dating lalake) 😀

    <abbr>Jaypee´s last blog post:WP Theme Review: Blak Magik</abbr>

  3. Supermen attack streets. What they want to show?

  4. Damn Ade! You owe me a new keyboard! I just puked on mine!

    <abbr>philos´s last blog post..Photohunt: Blue Three!</abbr>

  5. Soulja Boy Tellem's plans for world domination come into fruition

  6. petite

    k, gurlz…think super………

    up, up and sway!!!!

  7. No wonder Superman left Krypton.

  8. "This SHIT, it's BANANAS, B.A.N.A.N.A.S."

    <abbr>Kevin´s last blog post..La Boite Noire is the movie for the mentally retarded!</abbr>

  9. We are the Super Badingerzies!

  10. Superman High Cheering Squad?

    <abbr>Helga´s last blog post..WELL, I GUESS THAT MAKES ME BORING.</abbr>

  11. Welcome to the 2008 Superman Bakat Contest!

    <abbr>Wits´s last blog post..McDonalds – Service with a Smile</abbr>

  12. @GAYde: For you, the old adage still applies: Don't open your mouth if you don't have anything nice to say.

    @Ade: Where on earth did you get that pic? (ROFL)

  13. Their cup, it overfloweth

  14. Earth…needs…more…

    kryptonite. LOLz!

    <abbr>greenpinoy´s last blog post..Ate!!! Baliktad!!!</abbr>

  15. @GAYde : Ang bobo mo.

    <abbr>´s last blog post..Annoying Computer Man</abbr>

  16. SuperGay Invasion. The day when all men have to protect their asses.

    <abbr>´s last blog post..Annoying Computer Man</abbr>

  17. GAYde fo fuck yourself!!!!

  18. GAYde

    ADE is GAY harharhar

    • Ade

      Stupid comments like these make me sad. I mean, this is going to be the fate of the human race.

  19. Rich Muhlach

    Look! Not in the sky! It's a birds!

    Ahaay, birds nga!!!

  20. thegreatest

    Shortest Guys Always Have The Most To Prove.

  21. "Whoever in the name of pussycat dolls said that my "unit" is tiny must change zip codes now"

    <abbr>pancakes´s last blog post..tonight i cooked dinner and there are no survivors</abbr>

  22. Tu da lep, tu da lep…huy! tu da lep daw!

    <abbr>Will´s last blog post..Pride + Greed + Stupidity = Poverty</abbr>

  23. Show the world your gay! Rah!

    <abbr>Tiffy´s last blog post..Restaurant Review | Cafe Bola</abbr>

  24. S is for sweat stains.

    <abbr>joyfulchicken´s last blog post..Contest: win a Wii…</abbr>

  25. the first ever dance off didn’t go well as planned.

    avatar´s last blog post..83. Cheating 101: Lesson One

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