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Blog Mannerisms I Hate

I guess we all have our pet peeves. Sometimes, we just find something really annoying that other people don’t notice. Well, since I am only human, I can admit that I have my share of pet peeves. I assure you guys, I wrote this blog without anyone in mind. I don’t even think anyone on my friend list write in ways I find annoying. I don’t have friends who are annoying in SMS, chat, or in real life. Nobody. But, once in a while, I DO stumble upon blogs that ARE annoying. Anyway, I am just ranting. Don’t take ANYTHING here seriously. The next portion is meant to be humorous. So just laugh along. So, dear reader, if ever natamaan ka, just laugh it off… We all do these stuff you’re gonna read about. And I wasn’t thinking of you. Honest.

All Caps:

ds mutl8d 4m f nglsh s so anoing… i cnt ndrstnd wt d hck s d point w/ txt-style spelng n d intrnt! its nt SMS, it’s a BLOG, so y cnsrv space?!

Sticky Caps:
dOn’T yOu fInD iT aNnOyInG, eXtReMeLy aNnOyInG… wHeN PeOpLe pOsT LoNg bLoG eNtRiEs iN sTiCkY CaPs?ü iT’s aS iF sTaRiNg aT a cOmPuTeR sCrEeN iSn’T sTrEnOuS eNoUgH aLrEaDy! nOw I hAvE tO sTrAiN mY PoOr eYeS mOrE sO I cAn jUsT rEaD tHaT dArN sTiCkY cApPeD bLoG!üüü
Don’t get me wrong… sticky caps isn’t that bad, just use it correctly: don’t use it to post extremely long blog entries!

Surferdude/FAUX Coñotica:
This is, like, soooo nakakainis. If somebody blogs this way, he/she should, like, be put in a room with other surferdude users. And their baseball caps should, like, be put on the right way to, like, add to the agony of, like, hearing “like” for like the nth time. Dude! Won’t it be, like, sweet?
For them FAUX Coñotica users: ei!ü won’t it be, like, better, if you guys, like, blogged in straight English? I doesn’t matter if your grammar is, like, arrrgh, horrible, at least you won’t sound, like, pretentious. If you don’t wanna speak in straight English, there is, like, nothing to, like, lose in using Tagalog.
For them native speakers of Coñotica: I’m making patawad of you for making gamit of Coñotica.

Combination of FAUX Coñotica, Sticky Caps, and txt:
r ü, LyK, TrYiNg 2 b, LyK, MaKiNg pA-cUtE!?ü kC, iTs nT wOrkNg… wT uR dOiNg s CuTe n cHaT, SMS, n EmAiLs, bT iTs LyK sO pAnGeT n bLoGs!
If you do this in SMS… fine with me. Got no problem with that. Those things are MEANT to be cute anyway. But do you really want your BLOG to look and read like a Text Message?

Ok… So I have probably successfully dissed off half of my blog readers.

I’ll be updating this article one of these days. So just keep on coming back here.

*This may seem like a rip-off of The Man Blog’s Nobleman’s Guide to Blogging, but this is actually part two of a series I started waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in January 2005 in my old blog (Yes, I know, what a way to run a series, give it a one-year gap, yadda-yadda…). You can see Part One here.

I have complained incessantly about blogs (and bloggers) being less than intelligent. Even my brother does too. I have once fallen victim to those godawful blogger traps (some of which I will discuss later) that made me cringe in agony when I read my archives. I was under the impression that my articles today pale in contrast to my old blog entries. Except for a gem or two, all my old entries (2003-2004 era) are crap. I shudder at the thought of the pain I have inflicted at my old readers. No wonder few came back. To save yourselves from the derision of the blogging community, I will now post more Blog Mannerisms I Hate. Enjoy.

    Blinkies – this one I cannot comprehend. What the hell is cool with blinkies and why the hell are you plastering it all over your blog?! It distracts readers from the content. Visitors won’t go "OOOOOOOOH! A BLINKIE! THIS BLOGGER MUST BE UBER-INTELLIGENT!!!" (I hate "Uber" too, but that’s another rant). A normal person will actually go: "OMGWTFBBQ! I am blinded by the barrage of orange, green, pink, yellow, orange, green, pink, yellow…" and they will proceed to press Alt+F4. By the way, I react by vowing to never visit that crap blog again.

    Super-Personal Blog Entries that will alienate any new readers. If you have to post something that will alienate people, you better put some context in it. Give me a background story, links to a related article, anything! Don’t make me guess! And oh, since you put in your entire name, address, cellphone number, and Yahoo! ID in the "About Me" portion, expect a call from your ex-boyfriend (and his fraternity) who you so maliciously slandered (in gory detail) in 50% of your entries.

    Links in every other word. I know, I talked about giving context but this is just too much.

    AAAARGH! SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEBAR! Ever seen a sidebar that was so long that it took forever to load? I’m sure you have. It was so full of buttons, BLINKIES, and other crap. Keep your sidebar to a minimum. You want your visitors to focus on the content, right?

    Snarkiness – what is a Snark? According to the Encyclopedia Dramatica, it is the "act of being totally way harsh to someone on the Internet". Don’t be snarky. Please show some intelligence. Putting a *censored* swear *censored* word in between every other *censored* word is NOT awesome. Contrary to popular belief, snarkiness is NOT wit.

    Teenage Angst – Hate the world? NEWS FLASH: Nobody cares. Get a real diary (Remeber those antiques?).

    "Your Ugly" and other typos – Two words: SPELL. CHECK. Yes, I’m a Grammar Nazi. Sue me.

    Background Music – most blogs fall victim to this awful trap. I don’t want my browser freezing because of your pirated mp3 that will take ages to download!

I hope you all read this and make sure that you stop blogging so awfully.

Got more pet peeves? Tell me what they are!

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  1. But I like personal blogs! The angstier, the better! Basta creative naman ang pagkakasulat.

  2. vearrto

    hey ade dont be a pot calling the kettle black, andami mo ring nasaktan dun sa rockerz m/ (ba yun) posts mo ah! tsaka kung magsalita ka kala mo ang galing galing mo ba! yabang mo naman ! eh halata namang nagpapa impress ka lang! mabuti pa si chona sayo! di nagpapakilala ng basta basta kahit dami na nyang fans at na efature pa sa tv blog nya–wala ka talagang maririnig na yabang! try mo kaya–>etong mas idol

  3. Blinkies are annoying. sTiCkY cApS are annoying. People who don't know how to blog are annoying. And now, friendster is fast becoming a cyberdumpsite where all the conceivable internet trash exists. o.O

  4. This is so late!Shoot me!But I only found this entry today, so here's my two cents:

    Blinkies?WHY?Para saan?

    Super-personal entries–GUILTY!Mine isn't too personal because I left off names.Mas sobra naman yung pati sexcapades e pinopost pa.

    Links in every word–ewan ko rin kung bakit nila ginagawa yun, as if readers will actually click on them.

    Snarkiness–time to time, i'm snarky.but i'm entitled to that little pleasure when I'm tired.

    Sidebars–My sidebars are full of links saka tagboard lang.Do they actually take long to load?

    Teenage angst–if the blog is full of these, I'd probably stop reading.

    Your/You're;Were/We're–go back to friggin grammar school

    Background music–Never liked them…too distracting, just like the blinkies

  5. Denise

    Oh my, now I feel bad about about my blog!

    1. Personal Entries: Guilty!

    — I think people are entitled to this. After all it's an online journal. If you don't like reading about personal stuff, then don't read it, diba? However, if the entry involves plucking pubic hair, eating kuto, or something that the people involved might not want to broadcast, then I think one should spare the public of the details (out of courtesy to the reader and to the person/people involved).

    2. Typos that turn into grammar boo-boos (Your/Youre, Loose/Lose): Guilty!

    — Katamaran lang. He he!

    I'm new to this whole blogging business (started this May!) and I must say there have been more than a handful of blogs and bloggers that have rubbed me the wrong way:

    Sites with busy backgrounds: Animated and/or Not watermarked. Basta, backgrounds that make reading the text a migraine-inducing job.

    Those who put too many scripts that everything seems to be moving (e.g., paragraphs changing colors on mouse over, yeah – blinkies)

    Those who visit your blog hoping you'll visit their blog (Is this done so they could have more hits or do they expect you to leave them a compliment?)

    Blogs/bloggers that make fun of other people's ability to write: Not everyone who wants to write down their thoughts are gifted writers. Not being a creative and entertaining writer does not strip them of their right to start a blog (I'm obviously one of those people! ha ha!). It's a different story though if you want people to visit your blog and read your stuff. Kung ganon, then you have to be entertaining, at least. Don't go to other blogs begging them to visit yours! (grr!)

    Anyway, great entry, ade 🙂 Looking forward to part 3!

  6. ba

    Masakit… sa mata… Tunyepa!

    Oh. Sorry. Pink and yellow blinkie blog hangover. Nyahahaha.

  7. [Comment ID #417 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Uh… girly-girl here! Blinkie-free. But love pink. But I always follow the rules of grammar.

  8. ie

    wow. now i'm fully enlightened. :]

  9. i really hate blinkies. and background music. they tend to slowdown loading process.

    im guilty of Adsense. but i enjoy seeing the $$ revenue increasing ahhehehe. pang movie din yun.

    Spell check? Im guilty of this. oh well, i can still identify the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE. QUEUE and the letter Q. It's just that, i do rush posting, especially when im in the office. BAWAL KASI MAG BLOG SA OFFICE EH! ehehehe

    hate ko rin mga magnanakaw ng ideas, previoius posts, and photographs without permission. One of my photographs was stolen before. was really a nasty case..


  10. dax

    geeez.. i'm guilty of.. hmm quite all.. at least not that tEEnaGe angSt blah blah! hahaha!

    that what makes journal and diary diff, right?

  11. Haha! Teenage angst is okay as long as it’s not tEEnaGe aNgSt. ~_~

  12. I don't like blogs that post nothing but forwarded email messages, jokes stolen from the Net, list-down-things memes, stupid quizzes, lifted news articles, moving graphics, lyrics, video clips and amateur pictures of their pets and them shallow bloggers.

    God, I'm guilty of these things. I hate my blog!

  13. ade

    [Comment ID #430 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hehehehe… What I meant was that sometimes they vent too much in their blogs up to the point that it becomes unhealthy. Besides, an angsty entry might have unintended consequences.

    You can rant, but you have to put the entry on "Friends Only" or private so that only people you trust can read it.

    Blogs may be the trend, but nothing beats a real diary/journal. Data may be lost forever, you know. 😉

  14. rob

    Teenage Angst – Hate the world? NEWS FLASH: Nobody cares. Get a real diary (Remeber those antiques?).

    We need to vent sometimes, Mr. Ade. Besides, diaries are so last century. 🙂

  15. ade

    [Comment ID #415 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That's because IE isn't standards-compliant. FF turns those scripts off for security purposes.

    [Comment ID #420 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thanks unknown, but next time please use the tagboard for out-of-topic responses.

    [Comment ID #421 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Friendster is now infected with "MySpace Syndrome". I'll be talking about THAT in a future post.

    [Comment ID #422 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey! Spongebob's cute!

    [Comment ID #423 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I like your blog! Why do you think I would always visit it?

    [Comment ID #424 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I put my Shoutbox there to reduce the number of people posting out-of-topic comments. however, it just doesn't always work. argh.

    Just like you, I'm blogging for fun. The ads are just there for me to be able to make some extra income, but it is not the purpose of this blog. 🙂

    thank you. 🙂

  16. I have no intensions of offending you, I just want to say that I hate "shoutbox" it is depriving my comment box. Sometimes people will just tag you and don't read you blog.

    Some people hate blogs with ads on it. But, who cares? that's why I am blogging. I am not just blogging for fun but for money.

    On the other hand I would say, your post today is "NIFTY"

  17. uhmnnn!! sabihin mo lang kung di mo gusto blog ko, babaguhin ko lol! di yata ako cool, wala akong nakikitang perfect description ko as a blogger sa mga entry sa MAN BLOG lol!

  18. haha, and Spongebob background image. hahaha.

  19. [Comment ID #417 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Friendster recently turned into trash when they introduced their Customize feature! I mean…what's with HUGE fonts and blinkies and marquee scrolls? and the pink and neon green fonts over a black bg? and embedded videos? fuck it! makes you want to delete the person from your friend's list!

  20. hi there..

    wow it's the first time i've been here i think..

    simple.. i like it!

  21. ade

    [Comment ID #418 Will Be Quoted Here]


  22. pc

    [Comment ID #400 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha. HAHA. just kidding, gab. hello my dear brother. are you surprised that i've finally commented here? HAHAHA.

  23. You took the words right out of my vocal organ. I also hate the blogs you hate. But would you agree that Friendster is worse when it comes to members who construct ill-formed sentences? And when it comes to embedded videos and sound clips too? WTH?!

    BTW, most girly girls (!) love blinkies because they think they're cute. >.

  24. Background music AND embedded videos. Mas lalo na sa Xanga. Ugh. It crashes my PC. Tapos color-matching! Mga color blind! Yellow and pink?!? Yuck!

  25. Strange enough though, IE tends to be more tolerable to sites loaded with plugins and scripts than Firefox, while the latter can do some processes that IE simply cannot. That is why I open two browsers when I go online. I use IE for viewing webpages and Firefox for editing my blog.

  26. ade

    [Comment ID #397 Will Be Quoted Here]


    [Comment ID #404 Will Be Quoted Here]

    erm… no?

    [Comment ID #405 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahaha! thanks. 🙂

    [Comment ID #406 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    [Comment ID #409 Will Be Quoted Here]


    [Comment ID #410 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I know! Firefox just crashes whenever I encounter those javascript-loaded pages.

    [Comment ID #413 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I make spelling & grammar mistakes from time to time as well, but I don't like it when bloggers make elementary mistakes. C'mon, "Your/You're" isn't that hard!

  27. I hate blogs which are just a link to another blog or article. Its so lazy.

    If you're going to do this, put a bit of effort on why we should click that link or why you think its worth reading.

    I have to say, I make a lot of sfelling mistakes and grammar errors. Not my fault, they say beautiful people can't spfell and do grammars corectly. 😛

  28. Haha…. I've seen a bunch of blogs that had a looooooonnnnnng sidebar!! With blinkies… and bg music!! And so many pixel fairies and ponies and hearts.


    Tapos rainbow pa yung background… or madaming hearts ulit.

    Tapos may marquee pa… AAAARRRGH!!!!

  29. yen

    ang dami mong reklamo ang sarap mo pingutin haha..

    anyways, bsta ang ayaw ko lang ay yung matagal mag load… helooooooooo hndi ako naka dsl! naka dial up lang ako, kaya kng after 48 yrs pa mag load ang blog, babay na! patience is not my virtue haha…

    so san ka naman kaya nabubuset sa blog ko??? hhmmm.. keber ko ba kng mainis ka sa blog ko haha!!!

  30. One more thing that's annoying is that when a blogsite categorizes others and states that they hate them. Heheh! Just playin'!

  31. i hate blinkies coz they're blinking haha!!!

    Uber personal blogs, diary na lang gamitin. Well, i may have uber personal entries but i think nah nevermind…

    actually, master yuga has posted an entry on Linking best practices

    wah, background music and uber colorful background images. they're so irritating.

    Haha.. yong sidebar ko puro links, i should put them in a separate page.

  32. Amen, brod. Amen. 🙂

  33. I know one particular blogsite that has a sidebar so full, you may wanna have lunch after you key in his site address as it would take your entire lunch period for it to load. I know you know what site I'm referring to (Clue: dark background). I'm never visiting that site again.

  34. yes i do hate the blinkies

    and text language being used in blogs

  35. I hate table based layouts coz it takes forever to load the entire page. i also don't like too much graphics on a page. And pictures sliced so small the browser takes so much time to parse the content. What is important in a website is its content.

    I am also not into blogs that has so many advertisements as if someone is clicking them. The sense of blogging is gone.

    Most bloggers right now, post now and then to increase their traffic and generate ad clickers.

    That is shit.

    Anyway this is Web 2.0, the second generation of the Web. Visitors generate the content and not the website themselves anymore. Take for example, friendster, myspace, multiply and a lot more.

    We generate content for this websites.

    They earn a lot of money because many people like us visit their websites. They just sit there while we generate money for them. but we can't blame people or ourselves. let's just stick the norm.

  36. [Comment ID #399 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Have you seen The Dullest Blog in the World?

  37. gab!!

    this morning i woke up and ate fried chicken, uber sarap, then i went off to watch tv. i got to see pinoy big brother in studio 23. the whole episode was uber silent. (personal entry)

    its so boring during summers. (links on every word)

    have i mentioned i uber hate elmo? arg. he's sooo red!! and he has a big nose!! no one understands me. i hate the world. (snarkiness and teenage angst)

    i swear i'm guilty of all these stuff! well, except links on every other word

  38. Tam

    I totally hate pop-ups. Automated or not. Basta, naiinis ako sa mga yun. There are exceptions, of course – yung sa mga commenting system like haloscan, etc. understandable pero yung "page" na pop-up. Naiinis ako.

    Tapos yung hindi marunong magcapitalize sa beginning ng sentence at ng proper nouns. It's not cute.

    Those entries full with acronyms. Okay lang yung acromyms pero I hate it when I see LOL, OMG, LMAO, ROFL in every sentence.

    Yeah, those with background music especially if your using mozilla and a lot of sites are open in your browser and it suddenly crashes because of the background music.

    I'm okay with super-personal blog entries, ang ayaw ko is yung super detailed, as in yung pagkilos ng bawat daliri at bawat pikit ng mata kinukwento.

  39. Blinkies – Hey, I collect these things too. But I put them in a special blinkies page. *nods* It's irritating when you see too much things that moves around a page, no?

    Hmmm… Marami ding laman ang side bar ko. XP

    Btw, napansin ko lang, yung RSS button mo… Grabe, hindi siya super halata. *lol*

    *runs off to read the part 1* 😛

  40. How about blogs that haven't decided yet whether they want to become a blog or just another Buy and Sell copy.

  41. i feel like im gonna make a part two din sa site ko. weeee! and barokness is love.

  42. ade

    [Comment ID #392 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I know people don't get rich on adsense, and I have no intention of getting rich off ads. I put them up because of the extra income they might or might not make. And I know how annoying ads are, THAT IS WHY I CHOSE ADSENSE. No pop-ups, no spyware.

    I put the tagboard up as a way for people to not make off-topic comments on my blog. It's much more annoying to see the first comment you get is "Exchange links?"

    I made no personal attacks on my entry.I ask my readers to make no personal attacks as well. Thank you.

  43. i hate splash page pa rin. harhar.

    haynaku, post ka na lang ng photo mo next time, ade. YEY!

    [Comment ID #392 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ads by google? actually, 'pag niregister mo tlga 'yang mga ads na 'yan sa kanila, makakakuha ka ng pera.

  44. Blinkies. Argh. Retina-burning stuff. I always look for my Visine after staring at those hideous things.

    Super personal entries. Actually, I have nothing against these bloggers. But my advice to them is if they're gonna write personal stuff, then do it with flair and humor. I heart personal, funny, entries.

    Links in every word? Ditto.

    Snarkiness? Actually, snarky blogs are interesting. I find them therapeutic. Hehe.

    Teenage Angst? Depends on the writing. Good = Yey! Bad = Die!

    People who can't tell the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE, and IT'S and ITS. F*CK OFF AND DIE AS WELL.

    BG Music, Vids. These stuff tend to crash my browser. I swear, if only I could reach the people behind these things, I'd kill 'em right on.

    My own pet peeves? Actually, I'd rather call 'em BLOGGING SINS.

    Tagboard. Some bloggers, no no, make that most, yes, most bloggers tend to leave their messages on that ugly box, without reading your entries, without dropping their comments. WTF?

    Uhm, I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't wanna see a blog with annoying Adsense and advertisements on it. I mean, do you get rich just by setting 'em up? No, right? And did I tell you how annoying ads are?

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