Best phone call. Ever.

This guy calls up our house. He is inquiring about a commercial condo unit my dad has for rent. My dad calls him “not the brightest guy around.” Read on to see why.

GUY: What is this I read in the classifieds about a commercial space?

DAD: Yes, it’s for rent.

GUY: So, do you allow your tenants to put up businesses in your commercial unit?

DAD: *speechless* um, yes. (translation: DUH)

GUY: So, where can I find this place?

DAD: It’s located at the corner of 2nd street and 12th avenue. The landmark is the PLDT building and the church. Look for a gym called “Kurt’s Muscle Zone” inside an orange building.

20 minutes later. My dad goes out of the house. The guy calls, and i answer.

GUY: Where is that place again?

ME: It’s at the corner of 2nd street and 12th avenue.

GUY: Is it at a street corner?

ME: … yes…it is…

GUY: ‘coz I can’t find it. is the gym your dad mentioned inside the church?

ME: (why the heck would we rent out a place INSIDE the church?) No, the church is a block away from our place… just look for the PLDT building. It’s at the corner of 2nd street and 12th avenue. The PLDT building is right in front of our place. It’s the orange building.

GUY: Oh… I can’t find it…

ME: (HOW COULD ANYONE MISS AN ORANGE BUILDING ON A STREET CORNER?!) Look for “Kurt’s Muscle Zone”, it’s the place…

GUY: I did, but the gym is inside the church, and there’s no orange building inside it!

ME: (inspiration strikes) The gym I’m mentioning is a GYM. You work out inside it.

GUY: Oh…. I thought you guys were talking about the GYMNASIUM inside the church… not THAT kind of gym…

ME: (stifled laughter.)

Needless to say, we never heard from him again.


  1. lee

    hope he calls me soon

  2. Claudette

    heheheh… talk about someone lacking some common sense!!! =b

  3. ade

    [Comment ID #59 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i know! i know!

    [Comment ID #68 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ZOMG. :O

  4. wehehe…i get lots of those at work…stupid people calling up cuz they don't know how to reboot their PC.. ^_^

  5. Mo

    Haha! Guys like him make me feel really good about myself! 🙂

  6. ade

    [Comment ID #54 Will Be Quoted Here]

    To actually think that "Kurt's Muscle Zone" is a GYMNASIUM is proof that he's… erm… not the brightest guy around.

  7. Hahaha, maybe he's standing with his back to the orange building. Or he's just plain… well…. dumb.

  8. ade

    [Comment ID #52 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahaha! panalo yun ah!:) BTW, thanks for the linkage. will link you ASAP.:)

    [Comment ID #36 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no personal insults to the poor guy please. 🙂

  9. I had a similar experience. I called a line to reserve a taxi and be picked up at this date and this place.

    Me: 5th Avenue, Murphy, Cubao, QC

    Operator: What street?

    Me: 5th Avenue in Cubao

    Operator: Mam, anong spelling ng 5th Avenue?

    Me: Huh!? Ed di 5 tapos T-H. Avenue – A-V-E-N-U-E.


    sorry ha, nagblog ako sa comment mo.

  10. hahahahaha 😀 ang kulit nito ade lolz

  11. Taga UST ka din? Student ka parin ba o Graduate ka na?

  12. [Comment ID #46 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ok na 'ata. must be my browser. 😀


  13. ade

    [Comment ID #39 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I changed some info about the location of my place. 😛

    BTW, what's wrong with my comment form?

  14. oh whatta!

  15. it's funny how he can even use a phone with the kind of brain he has. funny blog you have here. 🙂

  16. funny 🙂

  17. i have enough info to stalk you already. yey.
    on topic: the guy must be color blind. hehe.

    (there is something wrong with your comment form.)

  18. hehehe…

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