Beating the Heat, Ade Style

This has been one of the hottest summers ever. Who here hasn’t been complaining how humid and unbearable the weather is lately?

Case in point: last week, while walking to work, I smelled something burning while I was in the middle of Ortigas. Also, I felt something at my feet. I figured out that the soles of my shoes have melted, and I’m in trouble. But I just actually just stepped on a big steaming pile of doggy shit. But that isn’t the point.

Seriously, I’ve reached the point where I scream in happiness whenever rain (or anything resembling that) arrives. And when I say “anything resembling that,” I mean water falling from above, like an aircon dripping, a water hose pointed upwards and set to full blast, or a guy standing at a ledge above me and urinating happily.

Sadly, the rain somehow lasts only for around 30 seconds. So I run outside, screaming my head off because of the overflowing joy this precipitation has bestowed upon me (WTF choice of words, Ade – Ed) and my hair isn’t even decently wet when the rain stops. And I stop mid-dance (one leg raised, face in an expression of extreme joy). I then dejectedly walk back to the house.

Seriously, it sucks. So I tried putting in a bowl of ice in front of the electric fan. It was going well until my fan conked out. I even walked around the house in my boxers but it freaked out the cat and made the mailman faint. Kinda like this:

So yeah. I’m practically giving up in this conquest of finding reprieve from the heat. I am so going to welcome the sweet embrace of heatstroke. Just you wait and see.


  1. It rains almost daily now. I hope you're happy 🙁

  2. "or a guy standing at a ledge above me and urinating happily."

    you know what's the first thing that came to mind when i read this phrase, ade?


    i don't know if it's just me… but oh well.

  3. There’s an upside to everything: at least we get to see people wear short, skimpy clothing. They don’t have those in Iceland, ehehehe.

    And certain people, when they perspire, look sexy. H-h-hot!

  4. Damn it! I thought Ade was in the commercial. LOLZ

  5. It's hot cause it's April and it's our birthdaays! Hahahaha! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  6. Watch that ice in front of the fan thing… remember that CSI episode where some dude does that and fries his ass?

    • Ade

      Wait, whaddaya mean?!

      • Deader in the series put ice in front of the fan, ice melted, water went over floor, connected his foot to open wire or socket or something and ZAP!

  7. Yeah, it's so freaking hot talaga. And I go to work in Manila. Commuting and walking. PFFT. And shit, it's been raining hard for the past couple of days.


    • Ade


  8. j

    mamamiah! jonel's brips *checks own brip*

    • Ade

      Don't tell me you own one of those! *gasp*

      • Polish beer

        Here in Chicago, I plan on a very hot summer… don't look forward to it since I have one fan and no AC. Good luck and stay cool!

  9. That is one sick commercial. (lmao)

  10. Jayvee

    I will watch our electric bill rocket to the sun this summer.

    Damn this aircon.

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