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In the few months that this site is up, I’m surprised because I’ve gained quite a number of readers. I’m planning to put up an F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) section here, but I really don’t know where to start. So I’m asking you guys to e-mail me and ask me something. Anything.


  • Nothing too personal. I won’t give my cellphone #, landline, YM, home address, eyeball requests, nude pictures, and the like. No siree. It may sound rude, but this IS the internet, you know. I may actually be an overweight 60-year old pervy creepy guy for all you know. Besides, I’ll be the one to do the stalking here.
  • I want F.A.Q.-ish questions. They can be serious and/or retarded. Depending on the input, I’ll be choosing the best questions and answer them on my next entry.
  • I’m also planning to start an “advice column” called “Ask Teh Noisy” (it’s STILL gonna be retarded, I promise). So send me some questions about love, money, or whatever else gets your fancy. But remember, this is a humor site so be prepared for some, erm, humor when I answer.
  • Please put in your subject line if you’re gonna send me questions for the F.A.Q. or Ask Teh Noisy.

You guys can send your
death threats / hate mail / marriage proposals fan mail at:
noisynoisyman [at] gmail [dot] com


Ok guys, I will wait!


  1. hi, ade!

    walang tanong…just a simple wish that you'll have a good day! 😀

  2. hahaha… buang!!! makaisip nga…

  3. yen

    mag iicp muna ako ng malupit na tanong.. ung mga mala-boy abunda ang dating hehe…

    eto na lang… pwede mo ba kong 2lungan financially??? haha

  4. mag-isip muna ako ng itatanong. anyway, happy weekend na lang.

  5. *lol* this wud be fun! you better answer these or else.

    *5 things that turn you on(doesnt have to be necessarily physical but u shud more or less mention something physical :D)

    *5 things that turn you off

    * both are with regards to women ok? well men too if u want.. broke-back-mountain-ish.. haha 😀

  6. [Comment ID #261 Will Be Quoted Here]


    [Comment ID #264 Will Be Quoted Here]

    nude photos? that would be a major trauma. lol.

    [Comment ID #269 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sa dami-dami ng mga prutas, ba't kaya banana.


    spamming. 😀

  7. hey… my first comment said that the antispam was invalid…. i answered brown naman ah!!

    anyhoo…. this would be fun.

  8. Who is cooler? Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff? Don't you reply with 'Gardo Versoza' huh?!

  9. Bakit po ba tumitilaok ang tandang pag umaga?

  10. aby

    im on it! i'll email you as soon as i have thought about something to ask 😉 great idea!

  11. Lol, as if somebody would ask for your nude pictures! JK! hehehe. I'll try to ask you a question later to your mail

  12. Is noisy man really a retard, or does he just write like one? :p

  13. anong espesyal sa yellow mango? uhmmnn isip pa ko gusto ko kasi bout laylap e 🙂

  14. Jee

    How long is your.. :p

    Define noisy.. convince me why you deserved the title noisyman :p

    Tell us something about your place.. what is special about Manila etc etc

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