I’ve always thought of myself as the most patient person in the world. No, seriously. Just ask my ex girlfriends. (Kidding, ladies. Please don’t kill me.) But I’m becoming really, as in really, cranky and short-tempered as of late and it’s starting to worry me.

Anger. It bursts me at the seams.

Take this incident from last week, for instance. I was running late for work and I had to go through another astoundingly mind-numbing human crush over at the legendary MRT morning rush. There have been fables of casualties there, my cellphone being one of them. Anyway, imagine going through a human stampede on a daily basis, plus having to deal with various armpits and the whole gamut of bodily odors can really take its toll. But I’m zen. Really, I am, not even when the sweaty construction worker in the wife beater stood in front of me and showed me, up close, his vast fields of armpit hair. So I get off the MRT, still zen and shit and I get in line at the turnstile when suddenly this woman who has probably had ninja training had sneakily snuck herself in front of me and was acting like she did nothing stupid.


And that’s when my zen bubble burst. I actually fantisized about pushing her off the line and giving her an hour-long lecture on manners and how I do not kill people who stay in line. And I sent her off to make me a turkey sandwich. And afterwards we made out in the MRT ticket booth making use of the various equipment and the said turkey sandwich to enhance the experience.

But in reality I was just standing behind her, glaring at her and finding a way to get her behind me again.


But yeah, I fail at anger management. I usually end up cranky lately which as we all know isn’t a good thing. I really have to get to the bottom of this or I’ll probably lose the six remaining friends I have. Then I’d have nobody to poke at Facebook. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

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