And Just Like That, it's 2011

Somehow it still hasn’t sunk in that we’ve gone by another decade so fast and we’re just a year away before the North and South Poles reverse and John Cusack tries to find the most convoluted route to China, but here it is. 2011 is here. I’d like to say that I wish this new year isn’t going to be as bad as the previous one, but come on guys, I don’t think there’s a worse year in recent memory than 2009. I mean, come on, fucking Ondoy ruined our shit that year. But I digress. Anyway, 2010 is over and now that 2011 is here, I… don’t know what to do. Huh.

In fact, I don’t even know what to write about in this entry. I’d like to regale you with exciting, riveting tales of how I managed to look for a topic for this blog post and how hard it is to write when I have loads of shit to do on top of this, but the excitement might be too much for you and you’d end up pissing your pants or something. So let me just tell you, in bullet points, what happened to me as 2010 was closing.

  • I got a new job.
  • New job requires me to work in a faraway land where the beer is overflowing, the women are hot, and the commute is hell.
  • I am fucking scared of screwing shit up.
  • I finally got an iPod touch, and I promptly wasted my entire Christmas vacation playing games such as Game Dev Story for 6 hours straight.
  • Fucking Game Dev Story is ruining my life.

This is a point where I’d usually go with New Year’s Resolutions, but come on, like anyone ever gets to fulfill them for more than three weeks. So I’ll just bore you with bits and pieces of my plans for this year. Again, in bullet form, because that shit is easy to write:

  • Record a goddamn EP already – I have three bands, and only one has an EP out. And it’s not like I really participated in the recordings – it was just a bunch of loose demo recordings, some from before I joined, also my first practice session with Don’t Bogart The Can… Man! – you can hear me flubbing 90% of the bassline. No, this year, I want my other two bands to record, in a studio, real, polished, indie EPs. And that sounded way more pretentious than intended.
  • Write better – I’m not exactly the best blogger or writer out there. In fact, I think my blog posts have been reduced to useless drivel. Also, you can see me blogging about blogging right now, and that’s not something you’d want to read.
  • Have a vacation in a beach or island or somewhere remote – Traveling was never a passion of mine. I intend to change that. But that isolated island that I shall choose to go to in order or get away from civilization better have a fucking internet connection or I will go INSANE.
  • Be part of the 100 Most Handsome Pinoy Bloggers of 2011 – No, not really.

So there. Those are the things I want to do so far this 2011. What are yours?


  1. Good luck with the recording dude. It's not as easy as it sounds. Try doing that to a college band filled with members who sometimes are preoccupied with just having fun or trying to swoon over chicks while playing.

    • So how's your new job except for the commuting thing? I hope it's cool, I want a new job too. Haha goodluck Ade!

      And oh, I want a vacation too! 🙂

      • Ade

        So far, so good! I hope I'm not screwing things up. What do you do, anyway? 🙂

  2. Sana matupad ang mga pangarap mo sa taon na to! Happy new year! See you soon!

  3. 124729374293752937532 pogi points for Ade Magnaye so he can be 1/100 Most Handsome Pinoy Bloggers of 2011. And I don't even know if I'm entitled to give that, haha. Good luck on the new job and the EPs and everything! 🙂

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