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Okay, I know they suck and all, but I’ve been too cheap and lazy to buy a new pair of iPod earphones ever since my Sony in-ear buds broke early this year. So I’ve been spending months using the stock ‘buds that came with my 2nd gen nano. They actually sound better than the (broken) ones that came with my old (also broken) shuffle, but still sucky nonetheless.

But as of yesterday, my earphones finally gave up the ghost.


So yeah, I have a two pairs of broken iPod ‘buds and I’m currently using the stock earbuds that came with my dad’s Sony mp3 player (yes he has one. My dad is cooler than your dad). And I seem to have a bad track record with my rather expensive consumer electronics. I suck like that.

So here’s the thing: I’m asking all you audiophiles and iPod users out there: what earphones are you using if you don’t use your stock ‘buds? What brands do you recommend? Remember, I spend copious amounts of money on comics and horse porn, so let’s not recommend a pair of Ultimate Ears or other similarly expensive ‘buds because you don’t want me to meet me without my weekly dose of horse porn. I think I’d set the bar at 2K pesos.

So recommend me a pair of iPod earphones please! Comment away!

There’s also a related thread in The Man Blog Forum (registration required)

UPDATE: I’m seriously considering the Creative EP 630, which was recommended by Jeff and my cousin Lloyd. And most of the commenters are recommending me to get Creative earbuds. So I’ve searched everywhere and I couldn’t find them. Can you point me in the right direction?

Also, do Philips earphones sound good? It’s because I’ve seen a pair of in-ear lanyard ‘buds for the nano made by Philips.


  1. Philips is pretty good. Creative isn't as bad too, I've used the ones for Zen and they sound good. Maybe you buy them wherever they sell Creative Zens?

  2. gyk

    about twitter: sure. no prob!

  3. gyk

    i use creative. they are cheaper *that those ones..

    sori for the typo

  4. gyk

    i use creative. they are cheaper that those ones..

  5. what is the lifespan of your broken iPod ‘buds ? ,

    I go for creative.

  6. Hay naku. Convenience? Go to CD-R. Everything's bargain. And all made in China. Hahahaha. Kidding. I just broke my optical mouse bought in that store. I'd say they're only good at piracy. I mean CDs.

    Try Samsung. Or Creative.

  7. My iPod's earphones are starting to fall apart as well. But, since I have so many things in my list I want to buy, I can't prioritize it. I'm looking for sponsors, though. Anybody here likes to be one? XD

  8. no connection to the topic – uve been tagged! ^__^

  9. Yuin PK2/PK3 or Crossroads MylarOne X3. Bet you can get then cheaper in PH than what we pay here in the UK. Oh and there are Sennheiser CX300's/Creative EP 630, which I've seen for around £20 here, which roughly works out at 2k. There are also JVC marshmallows, £10, and they sound great once they've been modded.

  10. I'll agree with Juice on this one. I don't like in-ear phones, find them super uncomfortable. Philips has pretty good headphones, not that expensive either.

  11. In-ear earphones are soo irritating, don't stick to them. I'd recommend Sennheiser or if not, the Apple ones coz seriously, nothing looks good (and sounds good) with the iPod except for its real earphones. I'm currently using a Sony one right now I bought for 18 SG dollars and it isn't bad, I'm still aiming for the Apple ones though. Oh, and Panasonic earphones aren't too bad either, and they're cheap.

    And one thing, never buy an iLuv. Total waste of money.

  12. It's kinda funny, I can't really tell the difference between the sound quality of earphones. They kinda just 'sound the same to me'. Har har.

    Btw, yess, I'm back!! I've been tied down with lotsa shit school&work stuff the last few weeks. 😛

  13. I'm not really a fan of iPods.. Anyway, I just wanted to say I like the new layout! Nice work. 🙂

  14. give Creative earbuds a try.. get them at that Avant Abenson store in Greenbelt.

  15. Sennheisers are way too overpriced. You can get headphones for half the price that sound just as good. Creative headphones give you better value for your money

  16. I have this pair I'm using right now and didn't even pay for them. They came with a friend's Dell XPS M1210 for free and he happens to not like in-ear buds. I gave him my P300 trash Phillips earphones. wahahah

    Links: Amazon, price

  17. I use Philips ear buds stereo with dynamic bass. Took 1,300 from me wallets. But the sounds are great.

    Still saving up for those Sony Ericsson bluetooth ear buds to go with my K800i. But that much monies on ear phones?! This world is crazy I tells ya!

  18. i use the creative in ear earphones because theyre the cheapest .. P1,000 flat. but i would go for sennheiser if i had monies

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