EDIT: I’m changing the name of the podcast from AdeCast to NoisyCast. It’s because NoisyCast sounds much, much, awesomer. And less gay.

As far as I could remember, I’ve always hated podcasts. When it first came out, I was like “What? Me, download mp3s of some guy rambling about stuff? Boor-ing.” Besides, I’ve got the shortest attention span on the blogosphere, so I usually space out when listening to Podcasts. Also, who the hell records his voice on his computer, uploads it on the internet, and makes the entire world listen to his horribly recorded audio file?

A bunch of self-centered geeks, that’s who. That’s why I’m perfect for it.

A typical AdeCast recording session

Anyway, I’ve got some plans for it already. I’m calling it the AdeCast, and I’ve got some friends (Nick, Noelle, Gen, Ingrid) who agreed to help out. Under threat of pain of course. How else could I get them to agree?

Anyway, Mike’s LazyCast is awesomely blowing people’s brains out (except for the fact that he sounds like a girl) and The Man Blog’s LameCast is rocking the blogosphere. I think it’s about time I ride the podcast bandwagon.

And here’s a sneak peek into the AdeCast planning sessions:

Nick: so it’s like the Noisy Noisy Man LIVE!
Ade: um no
Ade: we call it the AdeCast
Nick: and what do you need me for?
Nick: No, let’s call it the Nick Show?
Ade: um
Ade: no
Nick: then we can do a gadget epidose!
Nick: you and your iPod
Nick: me and my palm!
Ade: um
Ade: we can do an episode called “Nick and his Palm” where you extol the virtues of your… palm.
Nick: yeah! coz I love using my palm whenever I’m alone and bored, and I get the happies whenever I use my palm. Especially when I use my stylus on my palm. That would be great.
Nick: Awesome idea Ade!
Ade: um
Ade: That didn’t go over quite well

So guys, if you’re crazy about hearing five minutes of dead air punctated with “um” every thirty seconds or so, just wait for the first AdeCast NoisyCast. And you can hear about how playing with his palm gives Nick the happies.

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