A Generation Gap, I Has It.

Maybe it’s just me, but is the decade I grew in really that far off? I know I get bummed off a bit when I see the music videos I like being played on VH1 or the songs I used to listen to being played on Retro Wednesdays or something. It kind of gives me affirmation that I’m some old geezer because you know, the kids are listening to awfully cool music nowadays and that I’m stuck listening to old geezer stuff. While telling the kids to turn down that damn noise they call music. While I wave my cane wildly around. You call that music? Why in my day, we had to play with instruments. Blindfolded! And our pants’ waistlines were raised all the way up to our armpits. The wedgies were horrible, but damn, we looked snappy.

Take for instance this conversation I had with Yel:

ME: So, you heard of Buddy Zabala?
YEL: Who?
ME: Uh… Buddy Zabala? He’s like only one of the most awesome bassists alive?
YEL: …
ME: The Eraserheads?
YEL: What about them?
ME: You don’t know The Eraserheads?
YEL: … I’ve heard of them.
ME: 🙁
YEL: … What?
ME: You’re making me seem older than I really am. You don’t know my childhood heroes!111
YEL: I’ve heard of them.
ME: But but you’ve never really lived through them.
YEL: I mean, they were there, I heard their songs, was too young to apprecia-
ME: There. That’s it.
YEL: What?
ME: I’m an old geezer. From Oldlandia.
YEL: Erm what?
ME: Next thing you know I’ll be running across the lawn, carrying my big ol’ walking cane chasing kids like you out of my goddamn lawn. While my fake teeth fly out as I scream my (old) lungs out. Then my old cholesterol-laden (sexy) heart will give out and my tired old bones collapse. Old man. Me.
YEL: … I told you to stop sniffing burnt leather already, didn’t I?

Yeah. Generation gap, I has it.

But that conversation was far better (and way cuter) than the time that kid next door heckled me for listening to The Beatles. He was like “Nobody listens to them anymore! Take yourself and your old man music away while I rock out to Limp Bizkit, yo!”

I punched him right smack in the nose and walked away. Sexily.

Have you guys felt that as well? Or have you felt the sting of quarterlife crisis? Leave a comment to tell this old geezer about it.

P.S. Apologies for the cheese. I promise to write a better entry next time.


  1. Well. Just a few days ago I chanced upon a TV show with Camille Pratts in it.

    And guess what? She's playing the role of a MOTHER.

    Gone were the days of Princess Sara, and with it my youth.T_______T

    Chenyl's last blog post..Congratulations, PNLE June 2008 Passers!

  2. My 4th ex and I had a 10 year age difference… I could so totally relate. 😛 Gawd, I missed your blog!!!

    FunnySexy's last blog post..Unsent aka Love, Kring

  3. huwell, there will be a reunion thing for eheads so am sure that person will get updated, (one hopes)

  4. I am not too much bothered by "kids" and their music. I love our generation's music but I also appreciate the oldies.

    Oh, Eraserheads? Truly the BEST!

  5. Hey hey, new layout. Nice one.

    Anyways, I cannot be helped dude. Time really waits for no one. Such an ass.

    Lastly, isn't Limp Bizkit already considered grandpa stuff nowadays? 😛

    jhay's last blog post..“Marimar” Moymoypalaboy video

  6. I'm older than you so you just made me feel ancient like Jesus and the dinosaurs. I hate you.

  7. RJ

    I keep thinking of they 90's whenever I hear someone say "in the past decade.."


    RJ's last blog post..Fun with Hammus!

  8. Yeah I know the feeling. and It's damn irritating when kids say a song is by someone recent, but the truth is that it's a freaking remake. and not a good one at that. Not just music. Kids today, they don't appreciate the classics, especially in cartoons

    avatar's last blog post..Diet Update: Joel's obesity through the years

  9. hahaha. sorta felt that. when my elem friends and i heard spice girls or backstreet boys in waveback wednesday back wen i was stil in pinas. ok… so mas cheesy teeny-bopper music ung samin. still… they consider it ancient. hehe.

    oh yeah… just a thought. pano if our generation liked heavy rock music… tapos when we grew older, un parati nating pinapakinggan. pro the new generation only likes soft music. so as we are clothed with our all black outfit and lotsa black eyeliner while we head bang and play air guitar even with stiffened joints and rheumatism attacking us, those little kids wearing maria clara outfits say "lolo or lola, ang corny naman ng music mo. mas mgnda tong mga kundiman-like music."

  10. The Beatles pa rin ako!!!!

    Wait till you hear what's on my playlist at the desktop PC. Then you'll realize you are not old.

    I mean, who knows Matt Monro? Engelbert I-can't-spell-his-name-dick? The Spiral Staircase? Hello? Lolo?

  11. lolo doms…

  12. Pesky teenagers! Get off my lawn!

    Steel's last blog post..In Memoriam: Microsoft Windows XP (2001-2008)

  13. Sometimes I feel like I'm generations apart from people who are of my same age. I like reading old books, watching old movies, playing old videogames, and listening to songs that date back to the 50s, 60s and early 70s. In fact those songs fill up 80% of my iPod.

    And then the animes I prefer are the 90s ones, which I still argue as the best decade for animes.

    I love playing modern videogames (not all, though) and I try to like some recent movies, books, and animes. Still, there are times when I feel like I just don't belong in this generation.

    That kid who dissed Beatles and worships Limp Bizkit? I'd not punch him. I'd have him go to UP, announce that he likes Limp Bizkit, and get laughed in the face by everybody. That's gonna cut way deeper.

    Anyway, a pleasure to see you blogging again. 🙂

  14. No, kids here watch Conan the detective for Pete's sake and it goes way back in the 70's. No, seriously, I was boasting about "Sineskwela" and how awesome a Science show it was while the kids stared at me annoyingly while they watched Naruto.

    Poyt's last blog post..The Love Letter

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