Batman & Robin: Rawr!

Howdy, folks! As you might all know, I’m a big fan of Batman. He rocks. He kicks ass. Hence, I took it upon myself to educate the non-fans who think that Batman and Robin are having an inappropriate relationship. What the heck is wrong with you, people? BATMAN’S NOT A PEDOPHILE! And to prove it to you, I give you…

A Day in the Life of Batman and Robin

There’s no better way to start the day than
to wake up beside your young ward.
That, and a shower together.

This is quite explainable. Batman cares about Robin so much that
he doesn’t want his young ward to get hurt.
Hence the spanking.

Note the depths of Batman’s compassion. See? He REALLY cares.
(click on image to see what Batman said)

Erm, Robin…? That’s NOT red…

Go, Robin! Dive and get… Batman’s butt?

OMG!!! Batman’s been captured by the bad guys!
Waittasec… what did Batman say?
erm… need Vaseline? I hear it’s a really good… lubricant.

So THAT’s what the lubricant was for.

…and Robin thinks up of a distraction…

And Robin demonstrates another amazing use of “Butt Fu”,
a lost form of martial arts taught to him by Batman himself.
Either that or I just discovered what Robin likes most.

Hoooo-Boy! That was one action-packed battle! Go Batman! Go Robin!

… wait …

And this is HOW they end the day.
See? Batman’s no pedophile.

*** Images taken from superdickery.

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