28. Let's Do This.

I have a bit of a confession, you guys: I’m sorta losing my blogging mojo. I think it’s rather obvious by now with my infrequent updates. I started from blogging every other day – now it’s been reduced to monthly installments. If I can be bothered to blog. Let’s not even talk about the state of Comicgasm. Anyway, just to give you an idea how stuck I am, this last paragraph took over 12 hours to write.


So what does that have to do with my birthday, you ask? To be honest, I really don’t know. This year, my annual battle with pre-birthday depression didn’t really turn out to be as epic as intended, so if you were expecting the usual birthday post from me, (the one time every year I write something actually close to profound) I’m so sorry.

You see, I was busy. With my new job, my bands, and getting drunk all over the place. Okay, so it’s not the “do something colossally stupid like putting your dick in some random dude’s ass for the lulz FUCK WHAT DID I JUST DO” kind of drunk. But still, beer and great company is a huge part why I get to keep my head on and not lose my shit all over the place.

Reading my old birthday posts – where I whine and moan all over the place about how old I’m becoming – is making me cringe now. One of my worries back then was about me reaching this dark and scary place called the “late 20’s.” Now that I’m here, it doesn’t seem too bad. I still sprout the usual penis joke every now and then (usually in a major meeting where everyone just stares at me and I slowly excuse myself and bawl in the bathroom) so it’s all awesome. Okay, so reaching the dreaded late 20’s may still be different compared to hitting 30 (I expect all my neuroses to make a full-scale comeback by then) but for now I’ll just enjoy life and whatever else this year brings.

So, yeah. 28. Let’s do this.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say all along is that I have a video of Lose Your Beer Belly’s gig at Route 196 last April 14 and you suck if you don’t watch it. You already suck for not watching it, so let’s not add to the suckitude, okay?

By the way, I recieved a HUGE number of greetings on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks everyone, for the greetings. You’re awesome. As far as gifts go, though, Marco’s beat you all with his amazing gift.


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