What if you had a time machine that was capable of only going back one minute in time? What would you do with it?

I’m a big fan of time travel stories. Just go through my archives and you’d probably notice that I’m crazy for this old time travel show called Doctor Who, and it’s kind of taking up a huge chunk of my archives.

But the Doctor’s TARDIS can take you anytime, anywhere, and you can essentially go back to an unlimited point in time. What if we had limitations in our time travel? What if we can only jump back in time for just one minute? What will you do with a one-minute time machine?

one minute time machine

One-Minute Time Machine, a short film by Devon Avery and selected for the Sploid Short Film Festival, gives us a peek into the (often humorous) lengths one man would go through with a one-minute time machine. Watch the video below, and enjoy!

Well, wasn’t that fun? What about you – what will you do with a one-minute time machine?

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